Saturday, July 31, 2010


I've been a ball of nerves recently.  And it so happens that kids have been climbing and kicking and sitting right on that ball.  Muy mal.

Since I am American and my July has been so patriotically busy everyone EVERYONE is overtired.  My kids are adrenaline rushed overtired.  Simply put: they're so tired they can't sleep.  My head has been spinning.  Yesterday everyone woke up uber early from their naps which put me in a fit of rage.
Me:  God, you need to take my rage away, please, thanks?
God:  Plan a vacation
Me: omg, God, you're so smart.
Hiiiiiiiiii kids!!!!!!!!  I'm so happy you're awake!  I love you and I don't care that you're whining incessantly because we're going on vacationnnnnnnnnnnn

Do you have any suggestions for a vacation spot (relatively cheap) in the Northeast?  I made the humongo mistake of googling it.  We'll pass on family massages, thanks.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I think I'm ready

Whoa now that was one heck of a hiatus.

Hi!  I'm back and I might even be ready to commit.  Fingers crossed.

For a while there I just kinda lost my mind.  I'm busy being bored.  Bored as in Mr Incredible is home 6 hours a night and I need. to. fill. the. days.  So I shop.  I shop for food, I shop for me, I shop for Mr I, I shop for my family, I shop for birthdays that will occur in November.  Expensive habit, I know.

I've also been busy being American.  Because if you're not busy in July then you're not American and your passport should be revoked immediately.  Many a hotdog's been ate and an icecream cone been slurped (lie I don't like cones).  Beaches have been tread upon and pool's a peed in.

The whole gardening spiel that I wrote about?  Niet.  Too sticky, too many bugs.  And it only looks okay.  Which, if you think you know me, means that my towel is just about thrown in.  For this year anyway.

See you tomorrow?