Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Post Update

Coincidentally, right after I wrote the last post, someone contacted me to my other gmail account through craiglist saying, "i think i have ur dog."  I replied back for info etc, and she hasn't contacted me back.  I'm dying.  I need a trade show pop up parked in an empty parking lot with Peppy's longing face on it so I can actually meet the people claiming to have my dog.  This virtual, un-contactable stuff is too much.  Could you imagine?  I could have pop up booths in different regions of New York with employees and police officers and PETA people.  FOR THE LOVE OF PEPPY.!  Pop up displays at Fairs!  Pop up trade show displays along the highway!  In Amish country, alongside the dried apples and mincemeat pie!

Oh, Peppy, you've taken my sanity.

Some Say Shaken Up, I Say PTSD

Do you remember last year I made the mistake of my life and bought a dog?  Well I topped that mistake.  Ready. Set. Guess.  WRONG.  I didn't buy another dog.  I lost the one we had.  FAIL.  And I've gone through exhaustive efforts trying to find him.  In my defense, I didn't really LOSE the dog.  He went missing from our back door.  Literally scratching at the door waiting to be let in, while I decided I would wait for a commercial to let him in.  We think it was a coyote.  They are not uncommon in our area.  So so so so sad.  We went searching for him that night, then I began driving around.  I saw a police officer, so I flashed my lights to signal him to pull over.  When he did and asked what he could do, I replied, "our dog went missing"  I started sobbing and said, "I didn't even like him!!!"  Officer responded, "Ma'am, did you say that you don't even like your dog?"  "yes!"  And so it goes, the dog that has literally left me in a heap of tears of frustration has now left me in a heap of desperation.  I've called every police station in the area, flyers, put out our blankets with Mr Incredible's cologne on it (because he was more partial to him than me.  I have no idea why.), visited every shelter, SPCA, craiglist, etc.  No luck.  It's been about 5 weeks now.  AND for all you who think that he ran away.   Peppy never runs away.  A) his electric (controversy!) collar was on B) his breed is known for always following around their owners, and never leaving their side.  C) he always always always comes when he's called (only thing he was *moderately* trained at D) he hates the rain and will do anything to get inside.

turns out Peppy and I had quite the love story, since every lost love country song has left me in a mess of tears.  cue sara evans.  Let's take a moment:

aw baby puppy when we first brought him home
This picture is like I had intuition that he would go missing.  It's very milk carton-esque.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nesting Round 4

I'm really tired and really overwhelmed.  Which should tell you one thing: frantic.  When I'm feeling this way I start setting absurd and unattainable goals, such as needing to look like I live in a Martha Stewart home, make Martha Stewart sort of money (pre bankruptcy), and have Martha Stewart looking dinners and Martha Stewart craft times with my kids.  And I'll be damned if I don't make the Martha Stewart Walnut wreath before the end of November.  I'm damned.  MarthaIloveandhateyourdaily5emailstome.

Oh wait.  I forgot to mention.  I'm nesting.  And above paragraph has nothing to do with nesting.  Above paragraph is added to already innately nesting maternal crazies.  Heh.  I'm posting things on craigslist, making weekly trips to the SPCA, arranging Amvets pickups, dropping off at Salvation Army, and arranging junk removal with Shenandoah Junk Removal.  Because I. gots. junk.  And the house is still trashed.  Because I'm about one notch above motivated, and striking neither a negative score nor positive with discipline.  None better said than by Hitler, "Mein Kampf."  (I'm not sure how that becomes applicable in so many aspects of my life.) (Oh wait, yes I do know why, maybe I'm dramatic.)

Monday, November 28, 2011


Content by Kyle Lowe
When we moved to Texas wireless internet providers Houston. It was important to me that we found a service that was well reviewed and that was competitively priced. My kids think I’m crazy about getting good deals and saving money, but the truth is that I work hard for our money and want to make sure that I am spending it responsibly. I assure them that they will understand one day when they have a job and start making and spending their own money. Luckily, at our new home in Texas we have a choice of service providers for our utilities. Previously, we lived in rural Georgia and there were not any choices of utilities providers. If your utilities were out and you couldn’t get anyone on the phone you were just out of luck. Even if you could get someone on the phone, it usually ended up taking a long time to get someone out there to fix it, but you had no choice. You were stuck waiting. Choice is one thing that I love about living in a big city.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

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