Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a LOT to say

Casey Anthony, you serious?  You serious, prosecutor?  Maybe this case should not have been brought to court so soon, with such holes in the bucket.  AND SHE CAN NEVER BE TRIED AGAIN.  For Murder in the first degree, manslaughter or aggravated child abuse.  All of which I'm sure she's guilty of.  You're a psychopath, Casey, (and so is your mom and dad.)

It seems you've had a lot of time to think in jail, Casey.  About your loss what's to come of your future.  "partial memoir/comedy/relationship advice book for those not in the know."  Memoir of what?  Aunt Jemima, your cell mate?  Comedy?  Is there something comic that I'm missing?  Relationship?  With you mom?  Your dad?  Caylee's absent father?  Or is it Caylee.  I'm sure in her short two years, you guys really bonded while you partied.

I could scream.  Let's brief this case:

  • Baby missing for 30 days.  
  • Grandma's 911 call screaming that her grandbaby has been missing for 30 days, oh and btw, my daughters trunk smells like a decaying body
  • Day of 911 call you ask neighbor to borrow a shovel.  You don't use it.
  • Google searches are "chloroform," "neck breaking" and the like. 
  • 55 days from Caylee's birthday you switch your password to timer55.  As in, by the time her birthday rolls around you're going to need a good explanation as to where she is.
  • Caylee was found in a dumpster with three pieces of duct tape over her mouth and nose.  With a heart sticker on it.
  • That heart sticker belongs to the sheet of stickers that is in your house.
  • Her decaying hair is found in your trunk.  
  • You partied and got tattooed while your daughter was supposedly missing.
  • You say she was with her nanny, who a) has a name that is shockingly close to the drug you're on b) is a completely fictional person.
  • You're sick.
K i'm done.