Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Post Update

Coincidentally, right after I wrote the last post, someone contacted me to my other gmail account through craiglist saying, "i think i have ur dog."  I replied back for info etc, and she hasn't contacted me back.  I'm dying.  I need a trade show pop up parked in an empty parking lot with Peppy's longing face on it so I can actually meet the people claiming to have my dog.  This virtual, un-contactable stuff is too much.  Could you imagine?  I could have pop up booths in different regions of New York with employees and police officers and PETA people.  FOR THE LOVE OF PEPPY.!  Pop up displays at Fairs!  Pop up trade show displays along the highway!  In Amish country, alongside the dried apples and mincemeat pie!

Oh, Peppy, you've taken my sanity.

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