Wednesday, December 14, 2011


My fingers literally cannot stand typing this story over, because a) it's heard it too many times b) it's so mysterious there's really nothing to say.  In short, Mr Incredible picked up Peppy from Ohio.  We don't live in Ohio.  Ohio is three states away from us.  Weird.  Better than Austin.

But he came back with a cough, covered with fleas and so ungroomed that we need to shave him.  He also came back completely housebroken, really doesn't jump or bark anymore, and begs for food.  He might just be stunned.  But if these people who had him trained him, then I'm sure they'll need professional odor removal austin.  But they might not care about that sorta thing, considering the amount of fleas that were on him.  yuck.  But I'm really grateful to these people.  It's gotta be hard parting with our terribly behaved but awfully cute and fluffy dog.  Now he is well behaved and looks like a shaved fool.

'scuse the heavy breathing and the extra deep voice.  i was sick.

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