Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some chain link accessories for the fall

Guest post written by Karen Earhart
Lately, I've been all about buying accessories. I think that it happened because I realized that I had way too many pieces of clothing and not nearly enough accessories to change up my look! So I decided to fix that and have been buying accessories like there's no tomorrow. But they are cheaper accessories from places like Forever 21 and H&M. Besides they're better to buy, especially for trendy stuff, because I'm not investing a whole bunch of money into jewelry I won't wear the next semester.
But one thing that I need for fall but I don't have yet is some chain link accessories. I've seen so many of them in fashion magazines and blogs over the past few months and I really want to get in on that. I shopped around online with my wireless internet Las Vegas and found several accessories on the more affordable side.
I ended up finding the perfect fall chain handbag that I think is just adorable. I love that the chain in it is like bonus jewelry when I wear it!

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