Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home Loan

In the past two years I'm starting to finally learn about money.  I don't know how somehow that life skill went over my head, but it did, and thankfully it didn't kill us.  Mr Incredible has a good grasp on money, which negated my zero concept.  On the other hand, I always knew that I couldn't overdo it, but that was more for modesty reasons than anything.  I'm learning that coupons actually do save money, and not buying something is the best way to save money as well.  I'm telling you.  I was bad with money.  No.  Really really bad.  

When we were searching for a home, Mr Incredible told me what our mortgage limit could be, and what price tag limit that would put on our house.  Thankfully I respected what he said, and tried aiming lower than our top range.  First strand of smarts I've ever had about money.  I didn't really get everything that was going on in home loaning market, but I knew that I'd better have a cushion.  I'm glad I did, because it's hard to consider things like vet bills and online shopping when you make a loan budget.  Even though we are fine where we are, I still wouldn't mind downsizing for our next home.  Things before we owned a home that seemed so important are really not.  And as a good friend of mine says (a very half glass full friend, at that) "it's all how you look at."

We got a fixed home loan unlike an Aurora loan.  It's through our bank that I love and would recommend to anyone.  A man came and made me sign my name about 75 times.  The Aurora loan may or may not have had some shady business associate with it.  ie lawsuit.  Anyway, I digress.

So if you are looking into buying a home, and are terrible with money like I was, you should go onto a website like http://www.mymoney.gov/.  It's really anything you need to know about how to get on the path to financial not-failure.  Do that and Dave Ramsey.  Everyone loves Dave Ramsey.  I saw a car filled with Dave Ramsey quotes.  Him and Suze are where it's at.  Even though any time I pick up any of their books I kind of get overwhelmed.    They are like FlyLady for the financially messy.  And if you just take baby steps you'll realize how easy finances can be, and how, no matter what your situation it can be successful.  Like I (she) said, "it's all how you look at it."

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