Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'm a laser hair removal sorta gal.  But have you ever considered Botox?  I've learned the hard way in "never saying never."  They offer Botox injections at the Cosmetic Clinic in Port Melbourne.  Offer me a Groupon for Laser Hair Removal, and I'm all over it.  Offer me Botox and I'll decline if for no other reason than I'm just 25.

Can't say I'm too young for crow's feet and frown lines, though.  (Did you know it takes like a third of facial muscles to smile than to frown?  Being sad is hard.)  I don't think I have forehead wrinkles or smoker's wrinkles.  I'm sure by the time I've lasered my body I'll be ready for injections.  Ahh my life of vanity (not).

But speaking of which.  How much do you love Nars products!?  I just might wear makeup everyday from now on.

This post sponsored by Dr. Tass.  Not to be confused with Dr. Ass, which is what I first read upon going to their website.


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  2. Is this really what this blog has become? One big advertisement?