Monday, November 28, 2011


Content by Kyle Lowe
When we moved to Texas wireless internet providers Houston. It was important to me that we found a service that was well reviewed and that was competitively priced. My kids think I’m crazy about getting good deals and saving money, but the truth is that I work hard for our money and want to make sure that I am spending it responsibly. I assure them that they will understand one day when they have a job and start making and spending their own money. Luckily, at our new home in Texas we have a choice of service providers for our utilities. Previously, we lived in rural Georgia and there were not any choices of utilities providers. If your utilities were out and you couldn’t get anyone on the phone you were just out of luck. Even if you could get someone on the phone, it usually ended up taking a long time to get someone out there to fix it, but you had no choice. You were stuck waiting. Choice is one thing that I love about living in a big city.

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