Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nesting Round 4

I'm really tired and really overwhelmed.  Which should tell you one thing: frantic.  When I'm feeling this way I start setting absurd and unattainable goals, such as needing to look like I live in a Martha Stewart home, make Martha Stewart sort of money (pre bankruptcy), and have Martha Stewart looking dinners and Martha Stewart craft times with my kids.  And I'll be damned if I don't make the Martha Stewart Walnut wreath before the end of November.  I'm damned.  MarthaIloveandhateyourdaily5emailstome.

Oh wait.  I forgot to mention.  I'm nesting.  And above paragraph has nothing to do with nesting.  Above paragraph is added to already innately nesting maternal crazies.  Heh.  I'm posting things on craigslist, making weekly trips to the SPCA, arranging Amvets pickups, dropping off at Salvation Army, and arranging junk removal with Shenandoah Junk Removal.  Because I. gots. junk.  And the house is still trashed.  Because I'm about one notch above motivated, and striking neither a negative score nor positive with discipline.  None better said than by Hitler, "Mein Kampf."  (I'm not sure how that becomes applicable in so many aspects of my life.) (Oh wait, yes I do know why, maybe I'm dramatic.)

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