Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Say Shaken Up, I Say PTSD

Do you remember last year I made the mistake of my life and bought a dog?  Well I topped that mistake.  Ready. Set. Guess.  WRONG.  I didn't buy another dog.  I lost the one we had.  FAIL.  And I've gone through exhaustive efforts trying to find him.  In my defense, I didn't really LOSE the dog.  He went missing from our back door.  Literally scratching at the door waiting to be let in, while I decided I would wait for a commercial to let him in.  We think it was a coyote.  They are not uncommon in our area.  So so so so sad.  We went searching for him that night, then I began driving around.  I saw a police officer, so I flashed my lights to signal him to pull over.  When he did and asked what he could do, I replied, "our dog went missing"  I started sobbing and said, "I didn't even like him!!!"  Officer responded, "Ma'am, did you say that you don't even like your dog?"  "yes!"  And so it goes, the dog that has literally left me in a heap of tears of frustration has now left me in a heap of desperation.  I've called every police station in the area, flyers, put out our blankets with Mr Incredible's cologne on it (because he was more partial to him than me.  I have no idea why.), visited every shelter, SPCA, craiglist, etc.  No luck.  It's been about 5 weeks now.  AND for all you who think that he ran away.   Peppy never runs away.  A) his electric (controversy!) collar was on B) his breed is known for always following around their owners, and never leaving their side.  C) he always always always comes when he's called (only thing he was *moderately* trained at D) he hates the rain and will do anything to get inside.

turns out Peppy and I had quite the love story, since every lost love country song has left me in a mess of tears.  cue sara evans.  Let's take a moment:

aw baby puppy when we first brought him home
This picture is like I had intuition that he would go missing.  It's very milk carton-esque.

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  1. I totally started laughing at your conversation with the police! lol. Poor Peppy...he is in pet heaven with our cat who we found dead in the street. (Ironic, because I didn't like her either.)