Sunday, September 5, 2010

This post brought to you by Bristol Palin and Oh! Calcutta

Ugh this pic doesn't even do them justice
When I heard today that Bristol Palin is going to be on Dancing With the Stars, I knew I had to honor the Palins immediately.  I needed to find an occasion to wear those shoes.

  I'm 5'9.  And so is Mr Incredible (height may or may not be his only un incredible characteristic.)  And what better place would I have to wear these than an Indian restaurant?  Where I can one up small Indian men two times with 1) my height 2) my thick (er?) Buffalo accent?  I bet Bristol felt like me, too.
Bristol are you feeling self conscious than your leg is bigger than his head?  Very relatable tonight, Bristol.  Very relatable.

Sarah, why do your legs look so much hotter than mine?:

One Oh! Calcutta martini (two parts liquor to one part pineapple juice to one part Indian cologne)

Indian waiter, "you get rose he get beel."
Do I have loose ends not tied up?  Have I made a complete thought throughout this whole post?  Sorry.  Oh! Calcutta.  and mr incredible's left over beer.  good. night.


  1. aah, yes, tandoori. Head there if you're saying a St. Therese novena. They force her hand...

  2. Strangely, that post was as enjoyable as it was confusing.

    Those shoes look like they hurt.

  3. ha, ha, mike and i went out for indian food too to star of india. looks like you did some tandoori's. mmmmm.

    please tell me those shoes are a size 9 so i can borrow them!

  4. I find any excuse to eat Indian food is the way to go! I'm sure your legs are equal to or better than Sarah's.

  5. Love the shoes! I have no clue what this post means and that is kind of fantastic!

  6. Lurve the shoes.....I will be admiring them from afar as I am an offical "non-borrower" a.k.a. anxiety-ridden-procrastinator.

    I thoroughly enjoyed these ramblings, and oddly found them to make complete sense.