Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sell Out

In this age of war and economic crisis, what's a better idea for a stay at home mom to do than blog for money?  My friends, I have been blogging for money now for months.  And have you been awares?  I'm a sell out.  A big ol sell out.  Which works out conveniently, because this blog (as I've mentioned before) makes me want eat sand.  It bores me.  As much as boxhead 2 or grand auto theft.

What's a girl to do?  Start a new blog?  Revamp the old one?  Lose lose.  Maybe I'll just keep blogging for money until I re-like the blog again.  Yea, that's probably what is going to happen.  I'll blog to make revenue.  And someday soon I'll like this again.


  1. If you are a sell out, then all of us working moms are sell-outs too. Because the thing is, revenue is important. And when you don't like your job, you keep doing it until you like it again, or you start a new job or you revamp the old one.....
    And frankly, that description goes for just about anything that we choose to commit to in life....think about it.
    You will keep blogging, and the fires will ignite. And I will keep reading until they do.....and if it gets really REALLY bad, I'll start writing two page comments and they will be a blog all on their own-- which will totally get you blogging feverishly, because we all know you're competitive...... :)
    Love. You.

  2. Your not a sell out! Your MY favorite! And, I love your saying "Makes me want to eat sand"....I shall now take that saying and claim as my own brilliance. Thanks! See- you change lives.

  3. ah, you're not a sell out... YOU crack me up!!! i say you stay re-vamp and enjoy the revenue.