Monday, February 28, 2011

Strong and Confident

I'm starting to wonder if anyone is truly confident in themselves.  Seems that the more I learn about people, the more I realize that everyone acts out of their wounds.  Seems as though the more confident a person acts the more broken they are.  Which loops around into a huge large circle with the beginning and the end being 'be kinder than necessary' because you just don't know anyone except yourself.  And chances are, that's scary enough.

But this lady.  I'm not sure she has one single wound, because THAT is confident:


A Xhosa Woman Balances a Container on Her Head and a Baby on Her Back


  1. I can behave in a confident manner. That doesn't mean I am. I agree-I don't know that anyone is 100% confident all the time. Sometimes its easy to spot the over-compensators, but not always.

    I can only imagine the hardships this woman has seen and yet look at her posture! way would I carry my baby like that. I would totally trip, fall, drop or in someway maim him/her.

  2. Love the picture...something tells me i'd need bigger boobs to pull it off though lol.

  3. I just want to know where she got the back carrier. I NEED a back carrier. And I trust one that you can wear with a rock on your head.