Thursday, December 2, 2010

oh nuts!

Peppy got neutered yesterday.  As I wrote as my facebook status, my excitement to his procedure was completely disproportionate.  I was so excited for him to be gone for 36 hours, I didn't even know what to do with myself.  Turns out, I fell asleep (with the gate open!) at 7pm, woke up not fearing the kitchen and him growling for food.  Unfortunately when I asked the girls if they missed them, 4 year old said, "meh, not really."  I didn't understand the stress that Peppy is until he was gone.  But now he's back.

Mr Incredible walked in the house with a shimmer (or was it a tear for Peppy?) in his eye telling me not to laugh.  I don't normally laugh at people or things, or altogether immature scenarios, but seriously:

sorry too lazy to turn this around
Peppy you look like hell
You would never know that the little dude just had his balls cut off.  (crass, sorry, i know.  but fur realz).  He's not lost an ounce of Pep in his step (well maybe an ounce or two.)


  1. i think johanna has been really wanting a dog. something about her floors being so clean you could eat off them?

  2. I've never actually seen one of those guard things on a dog! Only on television. I'm not a dog person. Or a cat person. Hubs is, luckily-I'm allergic. :D I have rodents instead.