Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mother In Law Forwards

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis
I seriously feel like calling my Mother In Law and telling her (politely, of course), that we did not get clear internet lynn so that she could forward us every single ridiculous, bogus forward she comes across. I swear, if I get another chain email from that woman telling me how I am the rainbow in her life, and how I need to forward it on to all my friends or I’m not a nice person, I am going to lose it. I check my email, and it says I have 10 new messages. Okay, then. Only, 7 of them are forwards from my Mother In Law! I’m not even kidding. 3 are jokes, 2 are cautionary tales that were proven to be urban legends years ago, and 2 are lovey dovey pictures of animals and babies. Grrr! Delete, Delete, Delete. What’s worse is, every time I see her, she always asks what I thought of that joke, or that picture, or that quote. I’m like, oh, yeah, it was great. My goodness! It is crazy.


  1. The blessed have loving MILs ..BTW they can never be mothers