Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello, I've missed you (kinda) but the break was worth it

You know how the longer it is you go with out calling an old friend, the longer the conversation is going to be, which puts off the call further?  Helllllllo blog.  So where to begin, old friend?

My basement:  turns out it's not sewage, might not even be a foundation problem.  Might be Roto Rooter are just this side of "professional plumbers."

What I've been doing:  remember how I've said I can only really deal with one creative outlet at a time?  Well I am a full fledged gardener (maybe.)  I've transplanted (!!!!) a bush, I'm planting so many perennials I could have a mini nursery (not true).  I've been weeding, watering, planting, Miracle growing, planting, planting.  Weeding.  I super puffy fluffy heart gardening.  I'm already bracing myself for the loss I'll have to endure during the winter.  Unfortch, once I take the winter break from it, come next spring I'll have no idea what the h I got myself into.  Maybe not, we'll see.  Carpe diem.

For a while I really felt like I had nothing much to say that was anything less than a Jewel song from her Spirit album.  I was consumed in serious thought full of angst about the world we live in and what will become of me and who? who? is it that I love so much who will die first?  Was that  a run on sentence?  sorry.  Orange you glad I didn't blog these past couple weeks?  I was pretty much zero fun.  I completely delighted in my dread because it was a feeling of hopelessness it was just something to think about.

I totally have to get some pics up on this drab blog.  I'll take some of my garden.  And maybe the big pile of carpet that we ripped up from our basement before we found out it wasn't sewage.  Maybe I'll tell you what I've been buying these days.  (recovery of a somber mood = retail therapy.)

this makes me happy sad.  watch it.  happy sad as in why did i eat all those cookies last night.


  1. are geraniums perennials? cause Mischler's is having their BOGO sale for perennials now!

  2. You're back!
    I'm glad to hear that you were wading around in feces and that you might not have to build a whole new house. Roto Rooter = the suck.

    Get some pics of that pretty garden up so that I might oooh and ahhh at it because I have no space or talent to have my own. :)

  3. There you are!! Yay!!! So glad you're back! I've had to do the roto rooter thing twice in the last 6 months. I'm sorry!!!!

  4. I hate that girl in the video. She is WAY TOO CUTE DAMMIT. Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word....

    Okay, you'll have to tell me what you're doing to be the master gardener, because ALL of my shit died. Like ALL all of it. Which just sucks. It barely even lasted a freaking month. I'm convinced it's because I used cheap soil. Do you use something good like Miracle Grow soil or something?

    And I haven't been posting that much either... 3 times so far in June (!!) - so don't feel too bad about it. Sometimes thoughts don't really transfer too well to a blog. And sometimes I'm just lazy. ;)

    Cheers girl!

  5. Oh, I so wish I could plant a garden. Everything I plant dies...either from heat exposure (we are already getting heat indexes up to 105) or we are gone and they don't get watered.

  6. This is why I don't call friends after its' been while...bc it's always a 4 hr phone call!!! I'd love to see your garden. I am terrible at plants, but love seeing what others can do. :)

  7. aaah so happy to see you back! can not wait to see your garden (and drool over it jealously)! i kill everything i lay my black thumb on. that's what i call it, a black thumb, because it is like the grim reaper for plants, not because i have a circulation problem or anything...

  8. just have to say that I miss your posts!!

  9. i super fluffy heart gardening, too. i didn't say i was GOOD at it, but i love the effort.