Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My spring cleaning is more thorough than you-ourrrrrs

Did anyone else get those torrential down pouring (more like side pouring) rains a few days ago?  We did.  And boy, was it shitty.  Pun intended.  Lot's of pun intended.

Rain is like an erratic teenager.  So much potential to be so good, but even more potential to be devastating.    So much good comes from it, yet so much damage can be done.  Mama don't know whether to love im or hate im.

Last month we got a notable amount of rain and our sump pump went kaput on us.  There was flooding in our basement, we had to throw out some of the girls' toys, but really the dehumidifier took care of us.  Probably not the correct way to go about a mini flood, but it turned out fine.  $500 dollars later and a new sump, I thought we were in the clear.  I was wrong.

Most of the rain that came (in our most recent storm) was during the night.  When I woke up first thing in the morning to get Mr Incredible's scrubs out of the drier, there was ankle deep water in about half of out basement.  Psh, a little rain water never hurt anyone.  So I waded through it, shook off my wet feet, went back upstairs to tell Mr Incredible that we were flooded.  again. and worse.  Hung up my pants to dry because why would I wash them?  just a little rain water on the bottoms.  We called the plumbers again, thinking maybe?? it was a faulty sump, even though I could hear it still running still.  The plumber came (8 hours after they estimated) and couldn't figure it out.  Next morning they sent another plumber to figure it out.  I was (still) barefoot and was (still) wearing these:
the said pants that air dried then I slept nice and cozy in bed with them the next night.
K, really bad picture from two years ago.  But they're wonderful girly dandelions blowing in the breeze pajamas.  sigh.  So glorious.

So I'm downstairs in the basement with the plumber and I picked up a few toys off the ground to put them on a shelf as he was saying something along the lines of "eureka! I've got it."  .....  "don't pick up anything else without gloves on, k?"  ....  "You're basement has been flooding with sewage.  Your town is notorious for this."  .....
me: "you mean I'm stepping in my...."
him: "and your neighbors..."


All my dominoes fell into place and it made sense.  My basement was smelling like a bad gastric blowout that you find only on porta potty walls.  The first day I went into the basement I was sliding around.  Ya know, the same feeling as stepping on the bottom of a duck infested pooped pond.  All my white to-be-washed pile of towels developed brown rings around them. 

ARE YOU NAUSEOUS YET?  ARE YOU NAUSEOUS YET?  My jaw is tight just typing this.  My toes were squishing in not just our OWN fecal matter, but my geriatric neighbors, too.  Prune juice, laxatives and grapefruit.

So this is what I've been doing, friends.  Double gloving it, throwing out anything that cannot handle concentrated bleach, moving furniture, washing washing washing, Xacto knifing our carpet, bringing dripping poop laden carpets, toys, garbage upstairs.  This is what I'm doing.

Please don't never return back to my blog because I wrote a poop post.  This was such an exception and I pray that I'll never have write anything as nauseating again.

Did I mention that to get this fixed is an estimate $1,800??  As in I have a van with missing hubcaps can't we please start saving for a new one?  No, we need to make sure poop will never backwash into my house again.  Me thinks I need to learn the bus route.


  1. Your neighbors' leftovers? Oh no, oh no, oh no!!!!

  2. KIERA!!!! You have got to be kidding me! I thought our weekend was bad when my kid's soon to be playground turned into a wading pool but this just takes the cake! I was so exasperated that I even had to read this aloud to Mike! Ugh, I feel soooooo bad for you! That is just horrible! Same thing happened to Kristin's basement not too long ago. Its the worst. But they quoted her alot more than 1800 to fix the problem so be thankful for that! Man, can't you pay something to clean that sh*t up?

  3. OH MY GOSH GIRL!!!! I'm skeeved and sad. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this crappy mess!!! (pun intended!)

  4. Holy shit. pun intended

    Are you on a city septic system? I'm thinking this has to be someones fault. My toes were curlling right along with you at the thought of you unknowingly wading through that stuff. GROSS! Poor you...

  5. Want to feel a little better...when J's sister bought her house they had sewage backing up into their washing machine. She didn't know it for like two weeks. She just knew something was...off.

    Sorry for the basement issues. It sucks. But it's all part of the dream of homeownership. So as you clean up your poopy basement just keep repeating these words..."Living the dream." It will help.

  6. I just about threw up in my mouth. I was wondering where you had been and this pretty much explains it.
    Oh. My. Gaaaag. I'm sorry that it's going to be so expensive to fix. And that you stepped in lots of poop. *retch*

  7. Oh nooooooooooooooo! I'm so sorry friend, that sucks major!

  8. Oh this makes me heart hurt real bad for you....good luck!