Thursday, June 3, 2010

Throwing in the proverbial towel. Or at least wanting to.

I'm stuck.  Winnie the Pooh stuck.  If I just don't eat the damn honey I can get out of what I started.  But I love honey.  And so it goes with blogging.

I went out for a delightful wonderful time with my good friends tonight.  In absolute passing they mentioned how my blog is scratch your eyes out uppity.  Of course this is what stuck with me for the rest of the night.  That I don't let on to my true self, feelings, etc.  Other people have said the same thing to me.  And a friend's friend read my blog (once) and thought I'm super perfect.  (wait, okay, I just flattered myself a million times over, but that's along the lines of what people were saying).  I do try to take a positive spin on my blog.  a) who wants to read people's woes? (answer: a lot of people.  so they can "relate.") b) what if ex boyfriends are reading this (answer: yes, I'm that vain) c) why the h would I want to air my dirty laundry (answer: at least my dirty laundry is smeared bananas on the shoulders of shirts)

But honestly, I've had a pretty shitty week.  Then again, "shitty" is relative.  I could not think of a life that I'd rather have.  Because I love my life.  So I guess this all is the viscous cycle of am I acting cheerful or AM i cheerful?  TBD.

Mr Incredible and I have been at each other's throats.  I (still) haven't printed one picture since my 8 month old was born.  I've hung nary a picture on our wall to decorate the house.  When I asked Mr Incredible if my love handles were coming back he answered that "maybe I should just start walking some more." (no, that's not emotionally abusive or insensitive, I expect him to answer those types of questions in honesty)  My kids, particularly the eldest, are painfully shy and it can be so frustrating sometimes because people cannot see all that she has to offer.  Sometimes I feel like in wanting to please everyone I please no one.

But really?  That's really what I have to complain about?  I have a good life.  I suppose it is a cheery life, full of life, love and more love.  But I do fight with my husband, yell at my kids, make a fool out of myself, and have elephants and cougars and a mirrored wall in our bedroom.  I'm fiery and emotional and sometimes feel not good enough.  It's not perfect, but what is?

Maybe 'Imperfect Daisies; The Tale of a Real American Housewife' should be more like The Tale of a Cheerful American Housewife; or Sarcastic American Housewife; High Strung, Low Energy American Housewife; Disregarding American Housewife

SUGGESTIONS?  you know I love your opinions.


  1. Yay! I didn't know if you'd post this morning after last night but, like a psycho, I checked anyways ;)

    I think its a good thing to have a mix of the positive and the negative on your blog. It keeps things real. Some of the funniest things you post are the 'seemingly' negative but with a kiera twist thrown that makes it hilarious! And it does make me feel better about my woes b/c I see that I'm not the only one going through them...which I find comfort in.

    Fav part: that you have elephants and cougars in your bedroom, ha, ha! hey, i thought they were in your bathroom! did they sneak out?

    And remember: "you can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all the people all of the time." sometimes we try so hard to please people that we barely even know or that we aren't even that good of friends with, yet let pleasing God and family and sometimes even our REAL friends by the wayside. I know I do this. Focus on whats important and the people that truly care about you. If others don't like you or what you do, who cares, you weren't really friends with them anyway.

    Sorry, looooong comment.

  2. You sound like the typical american woman - full of frustration, happiness and and the ongoing pressure to be "good enough". In other words, you sound perfectly normal to me. Write your blog, your way.

  3. I like you...just the way you are! (Sorry I just watched Bridget Jones again)

    I was gonna say something like to H*ll with your friends, but that would be rude. They are your friends after all, and I don't know them. But I will say that you need to write what you feel comfortable with and what makes YOU happy.

    As for the baby worries. You'll print them eventually. My only gentle suggestion is to please please please please make sure they are downloaded and backed up. My Hubby's cousin lost like a whole years worth of photos because she lost her camera and had never downloaded them.

  4. I have to remind myself that my blog is my own and that only I can decide who I want to be there.

    Sometimes I just don't want to talk about the crap life can throw out and other times I just have to get it off my chest. It's all about what you are comfortable with and what make you happy!

  5. I don't' think your blog is one bit uppity. Honestly, I like blogs that are happy. I have enough drama in my regular life, why do I want to hear it on blogs!? Positivity is a state of mine and it really branches out into everything you do in life. So having a cheerful attitude makes you cheerful!

  6. Let it ooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuttttt! :) I think your blog has just the amount of crazy and positivity, which I think is a good representation of you. Other than a few off days where I needed to vent somewhere and was tired of talking to friends that didn't get it, I try to keep the same mentality.

  7. I don't think your blog is over-the-top cheery, but maybe that's just me. I wonder if people think that my life is all peaches and cream from the posts that I write??? Because THAT is so comical that it makes me snort a little when I laugh.

    And you know what? It's your blog, so you share what you want and don't worry about what anyone thinks. You're doing it for you, right?

  8. I think you should continue doing this exactly the way you have been! I love to honesty and sarcasim... don't change a thing!

  9. I have never once thought...Oh that Kiera is so uppity. Never. I think you are funny and honest and definitely not fake-cheerful.

    This is why I don't really tell people I know that I have a blog...because I don't really want to know their opinions. I would be too hard not to care what they thought and I might alter what I wrote or how I wrote to make them happier.

    I think you are doing a great job here. Just write this blog for you...not for anyone else.

  10. I have always appreciated the "tone" of you blog. I haven't actually hung out with you in several years (too long!) but everything about this blog seems just like the wonderful cousin I remember. Personal blogs can be tricky because I think we all feel (and rightly so) that we don't want to share everything! We are most prone to share what we feel may be interesting to others, but still maintain our privacy. I've also been critiqued by a dear close friend about the overall "happy" of my blog, but after long thought I realized that I was creating both a place that represented the actual me, but also the "me" that I'm striving to be. When I plan posts I take into consideration the kind of blogs that I like to read and often use that as my guide. Anyways, hope you will keep on doing what you are doing because I think it's just grand!

  11. i don't get "uppity" from your blog at all- but i don't know you in real life, so maybe it's a "in comparison to" thing?

    i rarely blog about bad stuff- but that's just because i am a glass half full kinda gal. i like to focus on the positive, not dwell on the negative. i totally agree with you- my "bad stuff" is not that bad. do i complain out loud to friends & fam sometimes, absolutely. but i choose not to blog about it.

    but that's the beauty of blogging. it is here to talk about whatever you want. you wanna bitch, you get to bitch. you want to talk about rainbows, unicorns & sparkles, rock on lady!

  12. Uppity? I doubt it.
    I think you are snarky and cute. That's why I keep running back here to read your stuff. All those things that you just said are the same things that all of us deal with at one time or another (with the exception of maybe the mirrored bedroom wall...and maybe the elephants and cougars).

    Just keep doing what you're doing. It's great the way it is!!

  13. I enjoy reading your blog. It's real. You can write about ANYTHING you want. It's your blog. My hubs also answers me with honesty. If I know I won't like the answer, I don't ask it.

    He too, let's me know that I'm fat, when I ask him if I'm fat. I love him!

  14. so...somehow i lost you (one day i clicked on your link and it was all 'whatever dude, wrong number'. you see what i'm saying. anyway...

    just do you on your blog. that would be my only advice. i rarely spill any of my real business on my blog b/c, i don't even do that in real life! why would i do it in internet life? my blog is a fair reflection of the part of me i show people in my everyday life. for that, i'm satisfied.

  15. hey. I love your blog! And in no way find it uppity. So, there. Keep entertaining us in your beautifully honest (and sarcastic) ways!

  16. I say write about whatever the hell you wanna write about. It's your blog afterall! You've NEVER struck me as "uppity". Funny. Cute. Honest. Don't change a thing!

  17. I think your blog is lovely.... "uppity" is the last thing i think of when i read your blog. keep up the good work looks like everyone loves YOUR blog.

  18. I can't believe you are writing this as I'm literally sitting in the same boat as you (well, maybe our situations are a little different, but essentially I also struggle with what to reveal and how people may react and not wanting to be too much of a Debbie Downer, etc.). Anyway, your post hits close to home today. But I agree with all the others who said that you have to write your blog your way. When you are completely honest with yourself, your readers can identify and they realize that it's okay that they also don't have it all figured out and there's a shared experience there. No one is perfect and I wouldn't want to read a blog about someone who thinks she is.

    And you'll get around to the photos. One thing at a time :)

  19. i guess i didnt hear any of the comments about your blog from the normal end of the table. sometimes i just ignore what the WT you and keep writing what you are writing