Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to the Family

I've discovered something new about me today.  I'M NOT A NATURAL AT DOG REARING.  I've discovered something else about me today.  I take back all the times I self deprecatingly shook my head at people when they would say that I'm natural and good mom.  BECAUSE I AM.  My new dog told me so.

New dog, you say?  Kiera, what's this?  Answer:  I don't know!

Here's the story.  We wanted a labradoodle.  We as in I suggested a dog to Mr Incredible.  Ya know, someone to play fetch with.  Labradoodle- hypoallergenic, relatively mild, kid friendly.  I always wanted a big dog.  So it met the criteria.  Yesterday we go to the pet store, conversation as follows:
Me: Mr Incredible just so you know if there's a labradoodle in there I'll want it immediately.
Him: No, we're going to go through a breeder, not the pet store,
Me: Just sayin.

Lo and behold, there was the sweetest lookin' labradoodle you ever did see there.  (commence whining and my argument why we should get him

Until took him out and played with him, that is.
Just a flesh wound.
My sweet little timid, timid, scared of any living thing (potato bugs included) children asked to play with a puppy that was little and sweet.  We chose a little Havanese puppy.  Upon delivery to my arms the pet shop worker said, "this dog is basically dead it's so chill."  
Right. up. my. alley.  Eldest daughter held this dog (!!) for 15 minutes (!!!!).  And then said "I want to buy him."  *heart melting*

Blah blah blah I can't believe I'm giving you all these details.  

cut to the chase next day we bought dog.  Named him Peppy.  

I did my research on Havanese dogs, but maybe not so much dogs in general.  A) You have to take them out in the middle of the night?  B) You have to let them "cry it out in the cage?"  THIS is the point that I'm emotionally detaching myself.  None of my kids "cried it out" in their cribs (and btw, they sleep through the night in their own bed (cept the baby is still in our bed))  But I'll be damned if a dog ends up in bed with me.  I'll be damned.  C) Dogs have "rest time" and "play time."  I thought dogs just laid around all day waiting to harass the mailman.  No?  No.

Needless to say, I'm more tired than I've been in a while.  Although this is the nice type of tired because my body isn't recovering from labor.
Meet Peppy

in all his glory.

With Pep in his step.


  1. Very cute! I would've gone for the big dog though, I'm not a little dog kinda person lol.

  2. So cute! When Oscar was a wee little puppy he slept in his crate. It took a few nights of crying for him to realize we wouldn't come for him. When bedtime came we told him to go to his house, he usually threw a little fit, but eventually went in and slept all night. Now he sleeps with us. He is my snuggle bunny!

  3. Yay!! What a cutie pie. Once you get him all trained, it'll be a piece of cake. :)

  4. Immediately buy The Art of Raising a Puppy by New Skete Monks. It will change your puppy rearing life. Seriously. My boss gave it to me when I commented that her dog was so well behaved. My dogs are very high spirited labs and they are nuts. But this book totally helped.

    Good luck. He's adorable.

  5. The Monty pic made my dad. Come back here I'll bite you!

  6. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I'm in love with him and I want to snuggle his widdle face!!!! Please to be posting more peppy puppy pics immediately. :)

  7. so very very cute... nice addition to the family.

  8. The fact that I was raised with only cats gives me pause about taking in a dog. Although, every time I go down to my sister's house, I love to play and cuddle with their yellow lab, Murphy. I just know that rearing cats and rearing dogs are 2 TOTALLY different things. And I kind of like that if my animals have to pee in the middle of the night, they know exactly which room to go to without having to have me. But Peppy is EXTREMELY adorable and he is a great addition to your family. How big is this little sweet guy gonna get? ;)

  9. A dog. Priceless. This will be an amazing experience for your kids as they grow. For reals. Way to go guys- I LOVE it! And he is really stinking cute!

  10. I have a 3-year-old Havanese (Briscoe) who looks a lot like this. I did get him from a breeder at 8 weeks old. The only time he has ever had to go out at night was when he was really sick with diarrhea. The only time he has not slept in his crate (the one he came in, when he weighed all of 4 pounds) was a few nights when we were at my daughter's house this past spring. He was not difficult to train (also get "Puppies for Dummies") and is sweet and well-behaved. In fact, he provides pet therapy for 2 groups of disabled seniors once a month.
    I also strongly advise that he go to puppy obedience school.

    Have a blast with your new friend. It will be one of the best experiences ever for your family.

  11. So ridiculously cute! Bring him down to play too :)

  12. Congrats on the new addition to the family--CUTE little puppy!!! Dogs are the best :)