Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Mahtha

After many years I am slowly coming to grips with Martha.  Martha Stewart that is.  My mom always made it very clear to me that Martha was a daughter hating, stock stealing know-it-all.  Which I heard as 'she makes gaudy crafts and has people who housekeep for her.'  And newstand Enquirer magazine covers told me that she doesn't rock a thong bathing suit very well.  Notice that "doesn't" doesn't mean "can't" or "won't" or "strongly advised not to."  All these thing made me steer clear of her.

martha-stewart.pngFast forward (rewind?) four years ago when I had expiring frequent flier miles.  Choose from the following: Martha Stewart living, Fishing, Golf, Southern Living.  Obvious.

Needless to say, I've fallen in love.  Martha, I love you and all of your turquoise orange stuff and crafts and print out lists and recipes and cookies of the day that I receive via email every single day.  And your paints!  oh, your paints, Martha!  I was in a bit of a white wall hell when you withdrew your line (maybe they withdrew the line from you) of paint from Lowes.  But you know that Home depot would pick up those pieces.

Today I was in celebratory retail therapy mode (again) (Mr Incredible's semester is over) at TJMaxx and I found Martha's cookbook for $12 from 50.  I don't know whether I should eat it or read it cover to cover or start baking feverishly.  Fat and furiously.

My little snowflake of respect for martha has now snowballed out of control.  Sure!  I'll make sesame cookies.  Sure!  I'll make nautical coasters.  Yes!  I'll hang up your must have for a laundry room list up in my laundry room.  Of course!  I will sweep the floor every night if you tell me to, Martha.  Actually I'll lick it for you.  What's your favorite Martha craft?  cookie?  list?

Let's talk Martha.


  1. The first time I ever made real buttercream frosting I used her recipe. Yes, it is a basic recipe but it works and is delish (and fattening!).

  2. GUESS WHAT!? I went to the Martha party at BlogHer and won a 12 piece cookware set! I plan on blogging about it one of these days but they also gave us magazines to take home and I TOO am simply living obsessed....
    and a lil martha wedding obsessed but that will pass in a year or so...maybe

  3. You are funny! I too love Martha. Sure she can be a bit of a you-know-what, but her TV show is instant tranquility to me... (although now it seems to have moved channels and I can watch no more) I just received this months Living in my mailbox and cannot wait to devour. So far one of my fav Martha discoveriess has been homemade marshmallows. I occasionally like to randomly post on facebook, "I don't care what anyone says, i LOVE Martha Stewart!" LOL