Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ay Caramba

I've gone Spanish and come back.

I can't believe I've become just another wasted space in the blogosphere!  I've neither participated or contributed to the blog world.  I'm tellin ya, it's this damn dog. (peppy I'll love you til the ocean turns to yogurt.  Or you get hit by a car.)  peta leave me alone.  He's fine!  Although, he did run into the street today, but since goose, deer and golf cart crossing are all too common on my street the drivers navigated little Peppy just fine.

So how are you, friends?  (I know, the most awkward rhetorical question possible for a blogger to ask.)  I've been good.  Busy.  I have this completely unnecessary itch to spray paint all of the insides of my cupboards.

And I've put myself on a spending freeze.  Why, you ask?  Frankly, I have no idea.  Go figure I made this "commitment" to myself as I was pouring the last glass of milk and chomping on the last piece of produce in our house.  The girls had crushed pineapple for snack today.  My friend and I had champagne and shrimp cocktail for snack today.  And peanut butter on spoons.  Siccckkkk.

I'VE to bed.  I will I WILL check in soon.

Much love from ME to YOU.  Whoever reads this and comments will get a special prize.  I'm not sure what yet, but believe me.  Because YOU are my faithful ones.


  1. You are funny. Melanie and I are always saying how much we love reading your blog. Come back often won't you? :-) Peanut butter on spoon = something you have now tempted me to go eat despite the fact that its just after midnight...

  2. I ate no peanut butter. And I know why you are on a spending freeze.

  3. Now where is my damn prize?

  4. Are you pregnant? Spending freeze.....peanut butter....oh, champagne, nevermind.

    Glad you're back!!!

  5. welcome back... nothing better than peanut butter... and champagne!! you were missed.

  6. i took a few days to comment because i'm bitter about your long absence!!!

  7. I'm commenting!! What do I get? I mean, besides a "welcome to the party LATE" note. I'm so proud of you for having champagne. It truly is one of life's finest gifts. And...we're good here, too. traveling an asston, but good. Off to read about your other adventures lately. xoxo