Wednesday, October 6, 2010

blog bullletin


Hello, it's been awhile (part 14)
CSN has given me another promotion (yay).  Last time I mentioned (yes, a mere mention!) I was able to purchase a wonderful quilt for the baby's nursery!  It looks sooo good.  I'll take a pic soon.  I love it so much I'm actually going to get another one to have matching twin beds in the nursery (soon to be the big girls' room)

In all honesty, CSN is worth taking a look at.  It's like a high quality Walmart online.  I has anything from dining room chairs, to quilts, to dog strollers.  yesssssssss.

Here's the quilt I got (and what I'm getting another of)


  1. you don't know how bad i want to go and buy those twin quilts for my girls, thats how much i love them! but i shall resist the temptation of stealing your style ;)

  2. ugh, and you people call yourselves 'followers'. you should be ashamed!

  3. all of my catching up...
    1) Those shoes are freaking to DIE for!! You looked just like Bristol Palin...minus the thick thighs, I mean (why is her thigh larger than his head, anyway??). And I think if I wore them, I would be eating pavement in 4 seconds flat. But you looked marvelous at the Indian restaurant and not at all like you had been licking payment.

    2) I, too, have been tugging at my clothes in all the wrong places. I think I just brought a gargantuan Turbo Fire challenge to Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic and Hutch @ Be Awesome Instead....if you want in on this action.

    3)I remember my first blog anon commenter. It was also my last. You live and learn and then you let it just roll right off because you're still 1883739% awesome.

    4) I don't so much need baby blankets these days, but I totally dig your style!

    And now it's bedtime. And I've had too much wine tonight. Whoopie. And it looks like they are freeing Chilean miners...huh...