Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Unfinished Dining Room

This past weekend my Mother in Law came to paint (and for Littley's baptism).  This was our dining room before any projects:  (ew.)

Then Mr. Incredible put up (with the assistance of my brother) crown moulding:  (isn't he incredible?)

Then he put up shadow boxes (appliques?) and my MIL painted the whole room.  !  Hurrah! 

The color doesn't look like the above though.  It looks too blue in the picture.  The picture below was the inspiration, and this is what are walls truly look like:

Decorating with Mirrors

(via martha)

the color we chose is called Gypsy Teal, and the crown moulding and chair rail and below is called Churchill Hotel Lace.  (such pretty names, huh?)

Now I just need to hang pictures, curtains, get a rug, new light (did I really say 'just?').  Stay tuned.


  1. I think that turned out great with the white on the bottom! really pops the blue and i think if you did two colors, it might have looked too busy. but this room looks expensive. be sure to let us know of the curtains you get ;)

  2. ah yes the curtains we got are draped over the chair in the one pic. they are the pottery barn silk "wheat" color. aka gold. like i said, the room really isnt blue- that was the camera's take on i. it's really the teal color of that martha stewart door. the room will kinda look like a peacock (which i liked and what i wanted.)

  3. ohhh, the rich, gold curtains will look awesome! good color pic! this room is going to look so luxurious when its done! good choice on the molding! i love it ;)

  4. well thank you mrswright. I'm pleased with it myself. I can't wait til it's really all done (pictures etc)

  5. Beautiful colors and room!! That's very exciting and finished in time for the holidays:)