Monday, December 28, 2009

write more?

pic115.jpg Homer Illiad Image image by daemonicone    
  I'm thinking of actually writing more on my blog.  Or is that a bore?  because people who know me know that once I start, I don't stop.  And an unfortunate series of event in my life has me realizing I'm not that funny.  Shame.  INPUT.  Input, people.  the picture is the illiad.  lay off.


  1. I did it! I finally figured out how to post!

  2. i for one would like more posting...and pictures! pictures are fun! and you decorating your house and/or doing little home projects. those are my fav.

    i would also like a write-up on my you ignore my posts all the time. that would be swell.


    your imperfect and fb stalker

  3. that was suppose to be a 'why', not 'my'. but your a smart cookie, i'm sure you caught that.

    wow, i think my comments have surpassed your last post ;)

  4. I respond well to threats.
    Do you have a Mac? Do you have iPhoto?
    Go to edit photo and "retouch"
    you get a magic wand that smooths out areas on your photo i.e. wrinkles. You can make it as big or as little as you want.
    Go forth and be hot on the interwebs.