Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothing better to talk about on earth day than the birds and the bees

Of course I wouldn't talk about the birds and the bees.  I don't have sex.

Anygetiton, have you noticed a crazy abundance of girls in the world lately?  I mean, rarely do I see mothers with boys, it's most always little girls.  I'm one of those families, too.  Have we established that I have three kids?  Three girls.

So anyway, Mr Incredible is always like, oh me oh my I have no y's.  I'm always like, oh relax, wouldya?  God told me he won't give you a boy until you learn to open doors for me and treat ladies like ladies.

So even though he loveloveloves his little ladies, I told him after number three was born that he should get a dog.  Someone. Anyone to play fetch with him (although he's hell bent on them all playing softball *coughbutch*.)  After a little bit of talking, we (he) decided that for more than one reasons, we're not going to get a dog right now.  So I'm getting him a boomerang.

Anyway.  My point:  Mr Incredible was in the Army for four years doing somethingsomething somsortoftask that involved radiation.  Turns out, the guys that work with this radiation stuff HAVE NO Y'S.

I've always wanted nine kids since I was little.  But THAT might be too much estrogen.  and shoes.

Thank God girls clothes are cuter than boys clothes.  And there are more girl names than boy names to choose from. (or make up.  whatever you fancy)


  1. I would be totally fine having just girls...except that I would end up spending all my money on clothes and shoes.

    BTW the necklace came today! It's super cute and I loooove it!

  2. Why did the radiation kill of the Y's alone? That is one heck of a mystery!

  3. Are you flippin' kidding me herzog? hubs was exposed to radiation and instead of giving him super-human powers, it just gave him a house full of women? tough luck ;) but you can always keep trying...and trying...and trying...and trying!

  4. I have two girls and one boy. It does seem like there are more girls coming than boys right now. Weird.

  5. Are those all your shoes? I almost just had a shoe-induced heart attack.

    I am trying to not overthink it too much, but the truth is, I WANT A GIRL SO SO SO BAD. Even though I would have a clue as to how to raise a boy because I have all those brothers, I still would like the challenge. Plus shopping would be so much more fun.

    Several of my friends have had babies in the past couple of months. All girls. Maybe we are all being radiated in some way that we are unaware of?

  6. I agree! All girls, everywhere!

    I swear, it's all the estrogen in our water systems from birth control, that passes right through so many strangers' bodies and then we end up drinking. Ick.

    We'll see in a few weeks if I break the trend or not.

  7. I am so jealous of SO MANY of your shoes. DAMN!

  8. I have two girls. Hubs is DYING for a boy. I watch my rambunctious little nephews and cry an little inside. My sweet little girls with their cute little bows....

    Of corse, one of the guy in the office recently said "If you have a boy you have to worry about one penis...if you have a girl, you have to worry about ALL of them"

    BTW, I've only recently become a shoe girl. OMG I'm jealous.

  9. ahh, look at all those shoes! quasi has two boys. which means, i wants little girls!!

  10. No,no ladies, those are not Kiera's shoes, don't worry!

    Alexandra, i was just about to say that about the estrogen in the water, ha, ha!

  11. Now that you mention it there ARE a lot of girls lately. I myself sort of want a boy. I have a friend who swears if she has a boy she will have no clue what to do and probably dress him in a skirt and mary janes anyway ;)

    I've always liked boys names for girls. I think I'm stuck on a boy which means I"ll surely have a girl when my day comes ;)

  12. that totally looks like my floordrobe.


    my sister had a boy! 9.5 lbs.

  13. No Y's? Poor guy! I can't even imagine raising 3 girls, let alone 9. You're a saint!

  14. P.S. Every baby that is due this year or was born last year in the group of friends has been a boy. 6 boys! Seriously. I'm doomed to have 9 girls now

  15. Color me jealous. I love my little dude to pieces but I so want a little lady too. I mean...seriously...the clothes. I die!