Friday, April 30, 2010

What I've been up to

We've established that I've been royally annoyed with Blogger, no?  In all actuality, that's only about 70% of my excuse as to why I haven't been blogging.  The other 30% is called 'different creative outlet.'  Correct.  I am only able to handle one creative outlet at a time.  Further proving that I'm not naturally creative.  E for effort though.

So anyway.  You know how I go through those "I'm a sucky mom!"  "I'm a hands on mom!" kicks?  Well she's at it again, folks.  This time it's more like "I'm an all natural faux homeschooling mom who only participates in all things warm, fuzzy and mother earth-ish."

The fruits of my labor:

JA!  How cute is he?!  Please realize that this is my first Waldorf (or any other type, for that matter) doll and I'm hooked.  So hopefully my future dolls will look less like they've just had their wisdom teeth out and more like this (this is what I was going to use for Wordless Wednesday...):

no, wait, maybe they are very similar.  My babies are very fat.  Very Fat.  And I like to dress them as close to a fat Buffalo Jills as possible.  OH that's a joke.  That outfit was painted on her.

So back to the dolls.  My friend taught me how to make the heads, which are the hardest part.  Then I stumbled on this site which gives free tutorials et cetera.  I'm so excited to make dolls for our doll house, and more little snuggly dolls.  WHO KNOWS.  Maybe I'll get good enough to actually sell these little beauties!?

The morning after I finished my doll my three year old came in and woke me up and said, "mommy!  I love my doll!"  uh, super cute and Mr Incredible shed a tear or two.  Don't tell him I said that.

this one goes for $125 on Etsy.  I will be a millionaire.  

Lastly, my parent's are away for the weekend at the Sheep and Wool convention in Baltimore.  a) they're picking me up so high quality doll hair wool stuff b) I'm not kidding.  They took a plane.  

I'll post more pics of my up and coming dolls, and hopefully some with hair, too.  Because you carrrrre.

  pps Mr Incredible already told me that his body is disproportionate to his head.  Thanks anyway!


  1. I think it's completely adorable!

  2. Your little one is absolutely adorable!!!

  3. don't look at the doll like that herzog, you might make it cry! as a matter of fact, i think i'm a wee bit scared just looking at the intensity on your face that you are directing at that poor little helpless creature.

  4. Looks cute and fun! How was your P90X results? :)

  5. awesome! i have been talking about starting an etsy shop for over three years now and really... it's gonna happen! .. eventually. your dolls are so cute. you should def open a shop! it would be fun and who know what could happen!

  6. Oh my goodness do I love the chubs, just wanna squeeze those cheeks!! :)

  7. Awww I love the cute little chubby baby. Chubby babies really are the best...who wants a skinny little baby? The doll is cute too...reminds me of a glo a good way.

  8. Both the doll and the baby are adorable!

  9. How cute! I looks like a tiny Glo Worm, which my kids would not have made it without. I love fat babies! Their little rolls crack me up!

  10. Yes! It looks just like a glo worm--takes me back :) I like!

  11. Love.
    BOTH of those babies are perfection ;)

    Sara Sophia

    (and p.s. Thank you so much for your love words on my site--they made me squeak with joy)

  12. She's sooooo adorable!!! I wanna hold her! I want to make dolls too. That is good! i have yet to see a doll's head prportionate to its body!