Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This post took me 24 hours. I'm not sure why.

I promised my ever faithful reader (hi nwright) that I would document my Friday birthday celebration.   She wanted picture documentation, but that stopped real quick after I took the first picture in fancy-ville restuarant and my little samsung flash lit up the entire place and screamed that I am not accustomed to fancy dinners with just the husband.  And that my camera takes embarrassingly bad pictures:
sorry nwright.

I'll start with first things first.  Drinks.  Let me preface this with I had a rough day.  I showed up at my parents' house crying sans makeup, frizzy hair and insisting that neither I nor the kids deserved to have fun because we were all acting crazy.  My ever understanding mother said four simple words that changed my night.  "Go have a Manhattan."  "okay."

Have you ever had a Manhattan?????  I thought it was going to be something fruity delicious wonderful because my parents are NOT drinkers.  I should've known better when the waiter started asking me how I wanted it and with what type of whisky.  Being the obedient child I am, though, I told him to make it on the "sweeter" side (read: straight up rubbing alcohol with a marachino cherry).  First sip made my eyes water and remind me of the first time I drank.  

Bread: Pretzel rolls with butter (mustard would've gone better, Black and Blue)

Appetizers:  Crab and lobster fondue aka cheese cheese cheese with a side of gourmet

Bottle of wine: (should've known even better than the Manhattan)

Dinner:  Mr Incredible got the Paella; spicy clams, lobster, crab, scallops, shrimp, on top of saffron rice.  But that's not really accurate because I don't really remember.  I got short ribs and hangar with bleu cheese mashed potatoes and the biggest awesomest onion rings you could imagine.  I didn't even eat half of it because at that point I went to the bathroom to check to see if my dress was literally splitting at the seams I was so full.  It was not.  This is not a joke.  

Two hours (?) later we left, went to the local icecream shop to pick up cake so I could celebrate with the kids and my parents.  I was too full to eat it, but I heard it was good.

This might've summed up the night:
he looks underage
and i look like a dog.  a dog who just had a manhattan.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry it started out so rough---but you are cute and everything sounds like it was delish!

  2. ha, ha, this is great! i was gonna give you some hoop-la for not posting more pics, but after your thorough explanation, i'll give you a break ;)

    can't believe you didn't eat that delicious ice cream cake! you shame gluttonous over-eaters all across wny...well, which is the majority of us here. sorry people but its cold here and we have really good food. as herzog would say, don't judge me!


    Your food-obsessed friend

  3. Sounds like a very yummy birthday...minus the Manhattan, those scare me

  4. i've such an old novice - i've never even heard of a manhattan!

    i love that mr. incredible does look underage!

  5. mmmmmmmm yummy cake! Glad you had a good celebration

  6. Happy happy belated and you definitely look like you just had a Manhattan. And yes Mr. Incredible definitely looks underage! HILARIOUS.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I am your newest follower from Friday Follow! Would love for you to follow me back! :)


  8. Happy Belated Birthday!

    & I can tell by the looks of that cake that it was to die for. I want cake.

  9. Cake.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Something I know nothing about any more...

    So sad. But happy birthday!

  10. Oh my goodness, that cake looks delish! I've never had a Manhattan, not sure I want to try them now. Fake cherries weird me out.

  11. happy belated bday!
    my mom used to drink manhattans. craziness. please give me something sweet and delicious. especially anything that has the word champagne in the description.

    hope there was some left over cake for you to have once the food coma wore off!

  12. Awwwww... ya'll are so cute! Sorry that it started off as a rough day, but it looked like the Manhattan helped! Three cheers for mom! ;)

    Happy belated, girlie!

  13. I know a Manahttan alright! Glad you had a good birthday! You two are cute!

  14. The Manahttan is great parental advice!!! Hope you had a good bday!

  15. Happy belated birthday. I'm glad your dinner was so awesome. J's parents drink Manhattans and I've heard they are wicked. I stay away.