Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blogging is a priority and i don't prioritize very well

Actually, only half of that statement is true.  Blogging is not a priority.  But I loves it. And depending on who you ask I may or may not prioritize very well.  

On to bigger and better topics- I have a lot to do on my blogging agenda!  1) I have awards to accept 2) I have to catch up on practically two weeks of nada blog 3) let's discuss p90x vs. weight watchers.  I know you're on the edge of your seat.

Thank you for the awards I've received this month!  Yay! I was totally crying to Mr Incredible a while back that I'm a bum blogger because I've never gotten awards (insert his response here)
Thank you to from Samantha at Apple Juice and Milk. !! 

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okay so the above I got a little greedy with because it was to anyone.  Who does that?  Someone with no shame.

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I'll follow Samantha's rules here and give it to my top 5 KickAss Bloggers:
Salt at Salt Says
Monique at Triathlete Wife

And then I got this from Salt.  Which I'm pumped about.

I don't think there are any rules, buuuuut if I comment on your blog, then take it.  Means you're doin something right.

These here are from Shandal at My Life in 3D.  My p90x sistaaaaaa.  Thank you so much for thinking of me! This ones rules are that I have to list 7 interesting things about me and pass it on to 7 blogs.
  1. I hate the smell of worms on a rainy day after I brush my teeth
  2. My thumbs are double jointed
  3. It's sick how much peanut butter I can eat on a spoon
  4. It's sick how much quiche I can eat.
  5. I dislocated my shoulder twice playing basketball and ended up needing surgery.
  6. I'm either sick or pregnant if I don't want coffee
  7. I've never had a cavity
And I'm happy to pass this on to:

  1. Heather at Namaste-Heather
  2. Laura at Steam Spectre  and Gypsea Tree
  3. Chew at My Life as of 6/18/09
  4. Shana at Fumbling Towards Normalcy
  5. Nancy C at Away We Go
  6. Amanda at It's Blogworthy
  7. LMJ at I've Been Thinking

I also got this from Shandal, which is pretty sweet because we're a) blog friends b) p90x friends c) facebook friends.  So booya'll.

Since there are no rules, I'll just pass this on to my own newly blog friends:
  1. Salt
  2. Allyson
  3. Jess
  4. Hutch
  5. T!nk (whether you know it or not, we are friends you know, T!nk)
  6. Monique
  7. Cee

And since I know that I missed out on people I want to give blog awards to, I'll come back later and update.  I haven't been on the computer in what seems to be agesssss and I have the brain capacity of an ant. 

And I'm too tired (now that this post took me approx 10 hours) to talk about p90x vs. weight watchers or the past two weeks of me life.


  1. congrats on the awards. chucky's da best.

    bahaha - "now that this post took approx. 10 hours..."

  2. Awww..thanks!! uh-oh, on the not wanting coffee thing.

  3. Congrats on your awards! You deserve them!!! :) Loves!

  4. awww thanks!! congrats! i am soooo overdue for an awards post. like big time. i think it is because they always take approximately my ENTIRE day to complete.
    i am off to check out all the other rad blogs you named!

  5. I hear ya on the 10 hour awards post. which is why I rarely do them anymore.

    But thank, thank you for giving me TWO of them! You're the best.

  6. Congrats on all of these and thank you, thank you, thank you! I may rival your love for Peanut Butter :) Chuck Norris has been popping up a lot lately. If you haven't already, go to type in Where is Chuck Norris and click the I'm Feeling Lucky button. It's awesome!

  7. *gasp* an award for me! I'm touched! and honored! and why isn't my husband more impressed!?!?

  8. Awwww I loves you, Kiera!! Congrats on your very well deserved pretties and thank you so much for mine!

    I was wondering where you were all day! Must have been that 10 hour blog post. :)

  9. DANG check out all the bling you got on this here blog! You obviously can't complain to Mr. Incredible anymore! You totally deserve them. And thank you for mine!! There will be an awards ceremony this Saturday so I'll drop back by and get it.

    Off to read this P90X post. I was wondering about that and wondering how long I should give you before I mentioned it and gave you a little kick in the pants. Doesn't look like you need a kick from me, though! ;-D

  10. haha!!!! i saw you gave SW a kick in the pants!

  11. Thanks for the award:):) I haven't quite gotten to the award giving level and I'm sure it will come one day, but thank you!

  12. Congrats on all the awards and thanks for passing one on to me!!! Sorry it took me forever to get over here - I've been slacking a little the past two days.

  13. whoa whoa whoa. are we like IRL friendS?!