Sunday, February 14, 2010

What I love about Sundays

For a while now, I've wanted to do this post "what I love about Sundays."  I decided last night that I was finally going to do it.  I love Sundays.

But then today happened and it was not as it was planned.  So I'll explain to you why I typically love Sundays and why today was not a typical Sunday.

On Sundays I am totally inspired by everything.  I think this is for three reasons.  First of all, we go to a big church downtown.  The priests are really old and say mass really really fast (that has nothing to do with why I love Sundays.)  At the closing of mass, my favorite priest always always always says, "now let's sing a verse of 'God Bless America.' "  (this is an early mass, so there is no instrument accompaniment)  Now, have you ever heard a bunch of Catholics singing?  Catholics are notoriously bad singers.  It's terrible.  There is homeless man I call "McGoo" there singing (kinda).  Then there is the 90 year old Italian couple behind us.  There is always the overweight father with a comb over and his son with a comb over that sits at 11 o'clock from us.  In the front there is Maggie (who claims she has kids the exact same ages as mine, but I've yet to see them), a nun, another homeless man and his wife decked out in Bills gear, and some more elderly people.  And the priest.  And the lector whose voice cracks more often than it does not.  Oh, and, of course, Mr Incredible, who loves LOVES to sing.

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home

I'm quite sure that our voices hit the huge church's cold air and shatters to the floor.  But I absolutely love it.  There is something so beautiful about this crazy variety of people singing God Bless America.  All day every day on Sunday I'm belching out Goood Blesss Americaaaaa land that I looooooove around the house, in the car, singing my kids to sleep.

Today, go figure, my favorite priest said "let's sing a verse of 'Holy God We Praise Thy Name.' "  Somehow this did now leave me with the feeling that America was on the upswing.  Strike one.

Second reason I love Sundays:  Mr Incredible and I and the girls always go to one of our two favorite coffee spots together.  Sometimes it's with friends, sometimes it's not.  I love getting my favorite frittata, he gets a cinnamon bun and the girls get a bagel.  We both drink coffee to our hearts' content, then we drop him off at work (he works most Sundays).  By the time I get home, the girls are tired and I'm inspired from all the coffee.  

Today, all of my coffee gave meanxiety.  LikeI'monE.  Not fun.  Shaky.  Shoving my face in hopes that protein bars will absorb all this caffeine.  Niet.  Strike two.

The last reason I love Sundays is because actually do try to relax all day.  This in turn, takes the pressure off of getting things done, and I normally get more done because I feel so chill about it.  And why do you think this did not work out today?  Right.  I'm strung out on coffee.  With a headache.  You're out.


  1. When I was a kid, the organist at our church would sing REALLY loud. She was probably 100 years old and her voice would crack. She was just awful. By the end of mass everyone would be cracking up, but everyone would sing along because we knew we couldn't be worse than her.

  2. I love the image of all those catholic voices shattering in the cold air. We also do the weekly coffee house trip, and it's a highlight of the week. Strange...I have a coffee headache today, too.


  3. i love sundays too...when we make it to church i too have an inspired feeling that i usually channel into cleaning when we get home. so boring, i know.

    awesome imagery with the 'voices shattering in the cold air' btw...

  4. welp, at least your kid didn't get bit in the face after mass during 'hospitality sunday'. poor gabers, he had no idea it was coming :( i think i might be one of those mom's that beats up another kid cuz they are fighting with mine...ahhhhh!!! too bad the culprit was only 2.

  5. well they always say God doesn't care how you sound as long as you make a joyful noise!

    Coffee shakes are AWFUL. It happens to me on weekends alot because I have no limit to what I drink -- just sit on my duff and drink coffee for hours and forget to eat! Hope you started feeling better.

  6. I love Sundays too. It's the only day of the week that M and I both have off at the same time. It's also when my favorite yoga instructor teaches, so I go to class from 10 until 11:30 while he sleeps in and then we get to spend the rest of the day together having lunch and shopping or watching movies or whatever else floats our boat.

    Even though your coffee experience sounds kind of awful, I'm feeling inspired to actually stop for some tomorrow morning. It's been nearly a month since I've had any, so I'm sure I'll be climbing the walls at work if I do.

  7. I'm now singing that country song- that's what I love about Sundays...know the one I'm talking about?

  8. When I was growing up and went to church, there was this really super loud lady infront of us, who sang all the wrong notes. She was annoying and used to ruin gospel singing for me. She even added her own waaa oooohooo wuuuu at the end of each note to show off. uuuggghh...
    Our preacher would start with one whole hour of sermon; then, a 20 minute break and continue with Sunday school. It was long, but i love all the gospel songs.

    I love Sundays too.

  9. OMG Catholics can't sing..and I can say this, being one and all. But I LOVE thatnormally you bust out a little "God Bless America." very little makes me feel all red, white and blue like that song. So on a somewhat related note, Neal bought me an espresso maker for VDay. So I had a cup of coffee and then a cup of espresso and then 1/2 of a caraffe of French Press coffee at brunch. So that whole vibrating to the point of distraction? Yeah, I get that. ;D
    happy Valentine's Day anyway!!

  10. Sunday is generally the only day I don't have to set my alarm. I'm totally in love with them because of this. I'm not a church-goer. I'm favorite way to spend a Sunday is puttering around the house in my PJs, cleaning a little, playing board games with the munchkins and watching girly movies on Netflix!