Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesdays are always blog hell

Here's my blog routine:
Tuesday I begrudgingly blog
Wednesday I'm inspired and want to blog forevvver
Thursday I blog
Friday I want to blog but Fridays are always spectacularly busy
Saturday I want to blog but convince myself that I should take a blog break
Sunday- what blog?
Monday oh that blog.  nah.
Tuesday- I'd better blog or I'll forget about it forever..  and so forth.


maybe i'll catch you up on my life a little later.

the only reason i wrote this post is to have my p90x body NOT the first thing that you guys will see.


  1. I can't bring myself to blog on a Sat, either. I'm writing today because I've missed like a week straight and I need to get back into a routine.

  2. I know that feeling. Some days the blog seems like a chore and other days I can write 3 post at once.

    Then there is the day where I have something I want to post, and just cant get to the computer.

  3. I know. Yesterday's post was a tough one, but one week I wrote 5 posts in one day.

  4. i never blog on the weekends. there's always way too many other things to do. and this week is shot for blogging--i'm swamped.

  5. I'm with you! Now if you could give me some ideas for today, that would be fabulous!

  6. agreed- but i am more random. some days, heart blog. some days, loathe blog.
    also, i ALWAYS lay in bed at night and think of the most awesomest blog posts ever. then forget the next day when i try to write them. that makes for a sad jessalyn.

  7. same here jessalyn. If i TRY to blog I write crappy ones but if I just come up with one randomly, they are so much better. i just need to keep my lappy by my bed so when inspiration strikes I'll be ready.

    Either way, Kiera, I always am happy to see a new blog post from you in my reader. :)

  8. I never weekend blog. That is my family time. I do lose momentum as the week progresses. I try to schedule my Wordless Wednesday and Friday Flashback posts so that helps.

  9. Sounds like your blog is becoming more hassle than fun. That's no bueno.

  10. no, it's not more hassle than good. i love it. but sometimes its just good ol fashion writers block/ laziness. we all know about each :)

  11. At least you have a routine. I am a little more random than that, which is probably not good for my blog.

  12. ROFL! I kick my own ass for not blogging more. I'm always thinking 'omg I need to write a blog about that', but then don't have time and then forget. I so need to get myself on a schedule. I would have more readers if they could actually count on a post or two. And don't worry about the P90x, its inspiring.