Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not here. kinda. *UPDATED W PICS.

I'm over at Travis' of Fisher of Stories today.  I'm super excited to guest blog for him, though maybe a tad intimidated.  Go read (then follow) about my skiing trip last week, and all the wisdom that came along with it.

I'll post pics up here later of the festivities.
this pic does not do my dinner justice.  I'm telling you, it was huge.

our condo looked right out to the slopes.  ski in ski out condos.  with heated indoor outdoor pool.

hot tub.  outdoor pool just to the left.

right before skiing.

accurate enough.  
*green circle= easiest.  Mr Incredible convinced me he was bringing me down a green circle, even though the sign was a blue square (more difficult, but still easy... for some)


last two pictures ,may or may not be us.  but close enough.


  1. Found you via Travis's blog, stoked that your a Sitser too,, and even MORE excited that your from WNY!!! Me too!! Its so exciting to find other WNY bloggers!!!

  2. :O cool! You're doing guest-blogging! Hehe.. heading over there now :D

    by the way, I'm BACK! Haha, feels good to be home at last <3 missed you! *hugs*

  3. Oh he's funny as hell. I am on my way over to check it out!! :)

  4. Kiera,
    Great post OVER THERE! I see you're from New York - where did you go skiing? Its been a few years for me, so I'll take your tips if we make it out this year. I should with all the snow we've been having! BTW, stop by my site. I left a little something for ya!

  5. this comment has absolutely nothing to do with skiing, but you look really pretty, skinny and your hair is shining in that pic of you and cory. why must everyone get so gosh darn in shape and good looking everytime i'm pregnant and just getting bigger and bigger?!

  6. thanks nwright! and btw you ARE NOT GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER! skinny b*tch. haha. I was going to write this to you on fb but i see you're giving it up? i did that last year. it was difficult!

  7. I have been meaning to come over here forever since everyone thinks that you are the bee's knees! Apparently... you are! That face plant? That could totally be me. You are rockin' that p90x too! Holy cow! Very inspiring! :D Go you!

  8. awww. lol whwre was this!?

  9. Mr. Incredible sounds like one of my best guy friends that taught me how to snowboard. He was always trying to trick me into going down the harder hills. Blue Squares are just as easy as Green Circles - they are almost the same he'd say... um no. Circles have no HARSH EDGES OR TURNS unlike Squares. The worst was the night he egged me to go down the small Black Diamond at our local park - FREAKED OUT!

    I miss snow like that and real slopes! Lucky lucky lady! ox

  10. I'm so embarrassed to just now be making it over here. Neal would love to go skiing with you all. Actually maybe we should let Neal and Mr. Incredible do the blue squares and you and I will do the green circles. I just want something that is a little bit steeper than cross-country. ;)