Thursday, February 4, 2010

Took a breather and now able to talk some more

As you may know, I'm doing p90x.  Moreover, I'm on day 18.  Day 18 of I'm-better-than-you-workouts.  The p90x kit comes with 12 different DVDs to promote "muscle confusion" and a book to tell you what workouts to do on which day.  It also comes with a nutrition guide book.  This includes recipes, suggestions, or you can straight up follow exactly what it says every day for 90 days.  It also tells you how much of each food group to eat everyday, and tells you every food and which food group it belongs.  Since I do NOT have a niche for explaining myself well, just know that it is NOT as hard as I just made it seem.  People involved with p90x, feel free to put an appropriate summary in the comments section below.

I've been doing Weight Watchers since I was 6 weeks post partum with this babe.  So when we decided to do p90x, I thought I would couple the nutrition guide with counting points.  I felt a bit leery because if I do something I want to do it right, however, I know that WW works.  I was afraid that I wouldn't lose any weight doing p90x.  In retrospect that is absolutely absurd.  Of course you'll lose weight if you're eating right and working out hardcore.  

The first 10 days I did well with eating my points and p90x nutrition guide.  I was a little overwhelming because I didn't prepare myself for cooking.  I felt like I was cooking all day everyday, hence my house was getting destroyed and I was getting frazzled.

Part of the nutrition that was for me allowed one complex carb a day, which is like a camel that is allowed to store as much water as he pleases without a hump.  I live on simple carbs.  Very simple carbs.  As in cookies.  Anyway, on day 10 I started to notice that I was smelling like cat pee.  I thought this was a great excuse to start eating my carbs again.  You know, just one extra complex carb.  

Have I ever told you that I am all or nothing?  Well I am.  And one extra carb turned into a binge session.  But just one binge session.  "Tomorrow is a new day," me thought. 

Come weigh in a Weight Watchers the next day.  I gained 1.4 pounds.  (re read that 4 times over, because that's what I want to keep typing but am noting that it is becoming a bad habit)  This, my friends, put me in a downward spiral.  I was so confused and so discouraged (I know many of you are going to say it was because I binged the day previous, but I do that before (and after) my weigh ins all the time, and I most often lose).  I felt like I had been working my ass of (literally) and I gained a pound.  My.Life.Was.Over.  (I'm the epitome of "weighty issues.")(no, I don't have an eating disorder. I'm just a disordered person)

Needless to say, I stocked up on SmartOnes desserts and destroyed them.  Every day was Binge Thursday for me last week.  

"I guess," chocolate eclairs hanging out of my mouth, "I'm just gonna be 20 pounds overweight for the rest of my life, Mr Incredible" shoveling a cookie dough ice cream cake into my mouth.  

"Oh, will you stop, Kiera?  I think you look great and I can see improvements already!" 

 Me, shoving reduced fat tortilla chips in my mouth (to counter balance all those sweets) "That's a lie.  I measured and I haven't lost any inches.  Except for 1/4 inch in my left leg."  He rolls his eyes, because I always insist on leaving him speechless then get annoyed that he doesn't have anything to say.

But I stuck with the workouts.  

Today at weigh in I lost three pounds!  So it just took a while for my body to catch up to what I was doing.

To wrap this up, I've decided that I'm quitting Weight Watchers and quitting the scale for a while.  I really do need to focus first on the inches that I'm losing doing p90x, and then of course (so obvious to me now) any extra weight will come off, granted I'm eating right.  So starting tomorrow today (there was one SmartOnes Eclair left, what was I supposed to do?) I'm back on the p90x nutrition.  Onward and upward from here.

At my 30 day pics I may not look like this, though.  Because, I kinda put myself 12 days behind.  Or this (again, I know, I'm obsessing Shandal.)


  1. You are going to do great! It's so hard and frustrating to lose weight after babies...I know. But at least you are doing it and trying. Just keep at it and know that it isn't going to happen immediatly.

    The best feeling is when you don't weigh yourself for a while, like a couple of weeks, you work your butt off and then weigh yourself and you lost like 5 or 6 pounds. Just stay positive.

    You know what I read, the best way to lose weight is to never get hungry. Keep apples, trail mix, and protein bars around to eat when you get hungry. When you are hungry and there is nothing healthy around that's when most people just snack. Good luck:)

  2. a couple things:

    1. it's awesome that you're even doing p90x and being on day 18 is great. the scale isn't always the best guage of results.

    2. that guy in the pic above just looked like he shaved his chest, stomach, and head. is that how he lost weight?

  3. Also you will not look like that because you are not a tattooed man with dumb hair.

    But I think it sounds like you are doing great and just stick with it! I do not weigh myself. EVER. Every time I step on a scale, I get depressed. You don't need to know exactly how much you weigh. Just go on your measurements and how your clothes are fitting, etc. :)

    You really did start to smell of cat pee!? I almost thought you were joking!

  4. NO joke. not at all. i started to smell like cat pee.

    ehhhh at least i dont have to worry about a no carb diet EVER.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! Seems like you are doing something right :)

  6. Fu*^!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wrote this whole huge comment and then stoopid Google got confused and couldn't figure out if I was the blogger or the business owner and which gmail account it was supposed to use and now it's gone, gone, gone.

    It went something like this:
    1. You're my hero for doing P90X. I would prefer to work out 6 hours a day for 2 weeks and then not again for 6 months.

    2. Nutrition is a bitch...but it is the key.

    3. I need chocolate like I need oxygen. In my personal training days, I was always the fattest chick at the conferences. That's OK. I'm very happy with my crepes and Nutella.

    You're doing awesome and you totally rock socks!

  7. Girl, do your best and forget the rest! Keep pushing play and get that diet straightened out! You can do it!
    I also would avoid weighing in all the time too. Let you're clothes tell you the difference. :)

  8. I am still trying to lose baby weight. After 30 it is so difficult! I did Atkins many years ago and I lost 50lbs. I gained it all back in 5 years. That is 10lbs a year! I was shocked! Then I got pregnant and well... you know how that goes. Good luck to you!

  9. I'm so impressed that you are on day 18. I haven't yet gotten to day 1. I did WW forever and was pretty successful for a while. But I am an all or nothing person too and right now it's all...eating, that is. You rock with your 3 lb loss...keep it up.

  10. soooooo i watched a video of me dancing when i was 18.

    it made me want to vomit and never eat anything again... save a cigarette here and there. I feel like a huge cow sitting here in my sweat pants.

  11. I am a binge eater, too, and I miss my simple carbs. Once I start, I can't stop. Working out makes me sooooo hungry, and then I also want to reward myself for exercising, you know? it's a vicious cycle. I do think I need to stop weighing myself daily b/c that is just not good/necessary....

    Congrats on the weight loss and hang in there--you are doing so well!

  12. p90x - holy crap you're my hero!!! I watched that informercial over and over and over and it's always freaked me out. Keep us posted!!! I'm wanting to get in shape and feel better about myself physically. I have been curious but fearful of this system.

    Lastly... the before/after image IS impressive but I think most of his weight loss was due to him getting rid of all the hair on his body - what's up with that?!?! Dude had nice hair on his head - did he just get super excited while shaving his chest?


  13. I found your blog though a link from LMJ, and wow am I glad I did! I'm trying to do WW as well and god am I having a hard time. I love carbs, simple ones-complex ones...whatever, I'll eat em'.

  14. I think with this particular workout plan, its not so much the pounds you see coming off (at least not at first) but rather the way you start to see your body shape changing and defining itself. Mike has stuck to the meal plan to a tee, and he's only seen about 4-5 pounds come off in the first month, but the real difference is how his body looks. He's excited for his pics at day 60 and 90. So just keep it up and don't stress about the pounds.

  15. You can do it!!! I love your WILL succeed!

  16. I left you some sunshine over on my blog to go with your p90x diet!! Enjoy!!

  17. ugh p90x really is hard. for real! Keep going.

  18. Congrats! P90x scares me so way to go for getting this far and keep it up!

  19. I love heart carbs like Joanie hearts Chachi. Are you too young to get that reference? (Forgive me. I'm an old lady and it's not quite 4 am.) How about, I heart carbs like Tiger hearts whores?

  20. Oh, the carb binge. Right there with ya sister. Chips and popcorn are my absolute weakness.

    You are awesome for doing the P90X. I am scared of it. Just keep in mind that you are building quite a bit of muscle with this workout regime and muscle weighs more than fat. So keep it up and don't get discouraged by the scale.