Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Just What I Do On Thursdays

Thursdays are not just thirsty for me.  No no. They are shove-your-face-days.  I am a free willed person and on Thursdays I binge.  Let's review the damage, shall we?  Don't judge.  Actually, if it means you'll leave me a comment, go ahead.  Judge.
Coffee with milk (and twizzler and chocolate)  Weigh myself.  "Hurrah!" me thinks.  I lost one point eight pounds!  the one point eight pounds i gained last week  
Off to the gym I go. 
I burned 300 hundred calories.  "cool!"   

Arby Olympics II (53) by sukibean.

Lunch time: 1 mint oreo.  If you want to stay the size you are and not balloon consider this a fair warning not to go near them.  They are the Devil's gift to Weight Watchers.  2, 3, 4, 5 mint oreos.  Whatev.  That's the calories I just burned.  plus 140.  Soup, triscuits with melted cheese (a serving size, nonetheless!)  I have seven hours ahead of me to recover from devil cookies.  

Dinner: Homemade (= healthy) mac and cheese.  Homemade (= healthy) mac and cheese.  Homemade (= healthy) mac and cheese.  chocolatechipschocolate chipschocolatechips. beer. beer.  Green beans!

I type.
I wait for my chocolate chip cookies to bake.
What'd you eat today?  LET IT ALL HANG OUT.  figuratively?


  1. you don't even want to know what i ate. mike is doing this 90 day workout that comes with a nutritional guide and meal plan. so lots of fish and lots of veggies! groceries are so darn expensive (like $200 a week!!!) all i can afford to buy is 'his' food. so healthy stuff for me for as long as we can keep this up...with maybe a dash more salt, mayo or otherwise 'unhealthy' condiment ;)

  2. I am totally judging you.

    I just had a Jack in the Box super big deal or whatever it's called. Mmhmm. Yes. so I just put in triple the amount of calories I just burned on my run. Lovely.

    Thanks for following my triathlon training blog. Did you make it to my main blog though? I have a fun blog swap going on.

  3. hmmm. ham. 3 eggs. peanut butter. hot cocoa yum :)

  4. Oh my goodness those things are so far from my P90X diet! I have a feeling you don't want to know what I ate. I did have about 1800 calories, but from good balanced foods. :) I have to be good if I want results! I'm going to follow you back so I can live vicariously through you. ;) Thanks for the comment and following me!

  5. Shandal, my hubby is doing p90x too. And since I'm too pregnant to start a vigarious workout (not that i would ever be able to do this)and too broke from his food to buy my own, I'm eating healthy too. Do you do portions or meal plans? The first week has cost me a bundle!!! Almost $400 in groceries!!! I feel like for lunch I have to make a second dinner! UGH!

  6. I started my day with a piece of pecan pie for breakfast. The picture of health, that is me.

  7. I think it is good to have a binge day every now and again! Yum ~ so jealous and totally craving choc chip cookies now.

    I had a pretty boring food day yesterday except for chicken pad thai for dinner (from my fave restaurant)!

  8. Yesterday was actually not that bad. I save all of my 14,000 calorie days for Sunday. So, 2 no-bake cookies for breakfast (OK, that was bad), beef stew with 2 baked crab rangoon cups for lunch (I made the crab rangoon...although I could eat the Chinese buffet right out of them), chocolate milk for a snack, and chicken parmesan and creamy spinach for dinner (although the creamy spinach did have low-fat mayo, fat free sour cream, and artichoke hearts in it. can't be called "creamy" for nothin'!). no-bake cookies for dessert. Here's hoping today is better. :D

  9. my main meals weren't too bad- its the in between cookies and candy that are doing me in. oh and i am dying for a cheeseburger. so we will see how today goes.

  10. Oh goodness, I would be feeling so...HUGE...if I had eaten all of that. I'm trying to drop my last 10 pounds, and am having to be EXTRA careful with what I eat. This sucks, because I really like chocolate :) I do, however, pick the weekends to be my "binge" days where I really don't count anything. I eat what I want, but not out of proportion. I have to stick to a 1,000 calories a day :(