Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Mr Incredible:

Why did you have to be a thorn in my side and read then comment on my blog before, before any of my guest bloggers appeared? WHY?

fear not, readers and guest bloggers alike- his comment didn't count because it was from "anonymous" instead of Mr Incredible. Feel free (read: i beseech thee) to carry on with your works in progress and to volunteer for a spot in the 'Mr Incredible Undertaking'

Anonymous said...

Id personally like to thank everyone for helping kiera save her, I mean our marriage!
Sincerely - Mr. Incredible


  1. least he read it, right? and i stand by my previous statement. you do not want me to try to save your marriage. apparently, i suck at it.

  2. Oh perhaps he really does read your blog but doesn't want to reveal his weaknesses. It would make him seem so...Unincredible. But fear not, we shall still hook you up.

  3. Let's just end this search right now. Have you met my Uncle Ronnie? 84 year old bachelor who loves Italian Pastry and rides a Harley Trike. Might be better than incredible.

  4. Haha! Identity crisis? I think not! I love it!

  5. I'm still workin on my hubs... :/