Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's Talk Ugg Boots

Are you, friends, considering Ugg boots?  I'll tell you my two cents:

  • I got them last year because I needed boots and they seemed to be the waste of money safest bet.  You just don't know how boots will really look on yourself, so go with the trend.  If they look bad, you know they'll look bad on others, too
  • First time I wore them, they leaked.  I had been advised of this.  But really.  Dropping $160 on boots just to have them leak is capital A capital B capital S capital U capital R capital D.  I do not know if spelling out capital just proved a point.  I'm guessing no.
  • Quiz:  what do you think that the said leaking does to your Australian boots (do Australians even wear boots?)  Right on.  They smell.
  • I Arm and Hammered them, of course.  To get my money's worth.  Of course.  
  • And I'm still wearing them this year, when they're not wet and smelly.  The Catch.  I live in Buffalo.  Of course their going to get wet and smelly.  
  • They're so going out of style.  In my book.
  • Moral of the story:  I just ordered new boots (not Uggs- I'm smarter than that... although I do wonder if they've improved yet...)  Moral of the Story for You:  order your non-ugg boots now.  They're all on sale.  You'll thank me next year.

I could've gotten these from Urban Outfitters for $16 and been equally dissatisfied with my leaks in the Target parking lot.

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