Monday, January 18, 2010

I Need Your Help, Faithful Readers

As I've already said, Mr Incredible are incredibly different. He likes when I make him sausage risotto, I would like him to write me love letters. He likes sports I like chocolate. He loves watching movies, I love to blog. and shop.
We both like to do family stuff.

He likes beer, I like chocolate and champagne. He says tomato, I say tomauto. He says potato, I say potauto. I know there are more, I just can't think of the important ones. (let's be clear, there aren't really and 'important ones' because we are a dynamic duo)

So where do you come in, you ask? Good question. I need guest bloggers. I need people to blog on my blog to get him to read it. He would rather read anyone else's blog than mine. Apparently I'm not enticing enough.

I'll tell you what he likes, and then you volunteer: (somebody'd better volunteer or I'll knock your teeth out)
  • sports. anything sports
  • cool statistics
  • p90x
  • sports
  • jokes that you don't have to think too much about ie Tiger Woods can drive a golf ball farther than his car
  • jokes about sports
  • inspiring sports stories
  • inspiring stories
  • beer
  • jokes about beer
  • sports
  • board games
  • really cool board games especially if his chances of winning are good
<-- he should be reading my blog. but i know he isn't.

who's in on this with me? let's see if my blog can become interesting to him. Maybe one day he'll comment (doubt) maybe one day he'll follow (double doubt). Mum's the word, though.


  1. First of all I LOOOOOVE your new blog layout!! So pretty!
    Secondly, I'd totally volunteer, but my knowledge of sports and beer is somewhat limited (although I do like both of those things). I do not know any jokes about either of them except:

    "What's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Claus?"
    "Santa Claus stops after 3 ho's."

    And that's not really even a sports joke.

    I am good at Scrabble. I could write a post about that. Let me know.


  2. I wonder if I could get my Hubs to write a post about something on your list... He loves sports, like he's a walking Sports Center and he loves beer. He's always willing to try new ones. hmmm...

  3. My husband wont read mine either. It was like pulling teeth to get him to read my birthday tribute to him. When I ask him why he hates me and my blog he says, "because I love the blog. I am right here for all the things you blog about. Why do I need to read about it when I live it?"

    Lame. Tell him to read my pathetic post about the Chargers. I have a good Red Wings posting in my archives somewhere too.

  4. That's hilarious! I think my husband looks at the pictures, but skims the words on my blog.

  5. My husband reads every post I write because he needs to know what he behavior he'll have to defend against when he goes into work (and all the women have read it that morning). My answer is to blog about him (which could backfire a la surferwife)...but maybe he'll read it to say what you're saying about him. Or...we could just ask all of our husbands to guest-blog for the day. That could be VERY entertaining. Neal doesn't know a lick about sports and he's a bourbon guy, but he does know several off-color jokes..

  6. OOOOOOH. My husband reads every little thing I write.
    BUT. BUT. He does not comment. Maybe once or twice. And I've had my blog since 2006.
    (He HAS written a few posts, maybe 2.)
    I have tried to explain to him that blog comments are better than crack and he just doesn't get it. I have to REALLY call him out before he'll comment.
    I wish I could help but I know zip about sports. And board games.
    Does he like art history? Talking about poop? THOSE things I can do.

  7. So, I just read this far into your blog. Fun-ny! Love both of the guest bloggers you had write for you too. Let us know if he actually reads it!

  8. My boyfriend and I have had the following conversation 3 times:

    BF: what are you reading that's so funny?

    Me: someone just left a funny comment on my blog.

    BF: what blog?

    Me: my blog.

    BF: you have a blog? When did you start a blog?

    Three times so far since the beginning of January. At least your husband remembers that you have a blog!