Thursday, January 7, 2010

Steph in the City

Motivational Poster - Blogging by DiscoWeasel.
this may be so.  TBD.

Steph in the City's blog post today is how to get more blog readers.  I definitely think that commenting and following other people's blogs are two good ways to increase your readership.  I also think that participating in these blog participation using "Mr Linky" are a great way.  I'd love to say that I don't care about who or how many people read my blog.  I'll be truthful instead.  I love! having new followers and I love! comments.  I love it too much.
I also think that inviting a guest blogger for the day would work well.  I'm all about mentioning noteworthy blogs in my posts, and I hope that others do the same (and hopefully mention mine one day :) )


  1. It's true. Guest posting is a great way to get your name out there. Building a following is all about self-promotion and anything you can do to get yourself noticed will surely drive readers your direction.

  2. That poster makes me laugh! I look at blogging as a way to get what I'm thinking/feeling out there- and while my friends irl might not have time to listen to it all the time, someone might find time to read it.

  3. Love that postcard!

    Funny you say that. A friend and I did a blog swap today on each other's blogs...

  4. yes i know! very smart! I've been thinking of having a guest blogger, but i don't know who or why haha

  5. That's why I keep trying to come up with new ideas for Group Blog Thursdays. It's not always easy! But I feel it brings more of a sense of community to a site that has SO many people, it's overwhelming sometimes!

  6. I believe your theories are very true! Great advice to new bloggers out there!