Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I meant To Say

by Chief

btw totally loving these blog "games"

what i said: dude, your blog is great! totally check mine out
what i meant to say is: please comment and follow mine. my esteem is on the line.

WIS:You're doing a great job sleeping in your own beds, girls. Just close your eyes and go back to sleep.
WIMTS: Don't wake me up til morning

WIS: Ah! Love your jeans
WIMTS: What is your secret to staying so skinny?

WIS: Really? That's crazy!
WIMTS: I thought (insert flaw you're speaking of) was obvious. It's a relevation to you?


  1. You remember when "Heroes" came out and there was that one guy who could hear people's thoughts? I decided that would be the single best "gift" ever....until I heard some guy's thoughts about the size of my child-bearing hips. Then I'd have to cut him. But until then, it would be great. :D

  2. Yeah, after reading this, I need to play this game next week. Looks like fun.

  3. i love games like these. all week i think hard about what to write the next week. capital L