Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Memoir Monday Again and I'm Going to Write Another One About Duquesne

The last semester that I attended Duquesne University was a creepy one.  I'm sure my room (and roommate) were haunted.  

On each floor of the dorm buildings there was a room or two deemed the "study room."   Most of the time my friends and I were perfecting our toe touches in this room.

<--- might as well've been me because I'm seriously this good.  not.  

Anyway, on the night before a big exam I was actually studying in the study room.  My mom called so I decided to take a break.  I left all of my stuff (my ipod, books, food- the important stuff) in the study room, walked past the elevator, stopped for a drink at the fountain, and was off to my room.  I heard the elevator doors open so I turned to see who it was.  It was a 20 something guy with dark hair and a grey hoodie on, hood up.  I did not recognize him which was weird because I knew everyone on my floor.  He went into the study room, but the automatic light didn't turn on (which wasn't unusual- you just do it manually).  No light turned on.  I was a little freaked out so I told my mom to stay on the phone while I went to go get my stuff that I left in there.  I went in and the light automatically turned on and no one was in there.  I had a running commentary to my mom as all of this was happening, so we were both a bit baffled.  She told me to check the hallways.  No one.  She said I should ask the girls in their rooms if they were having this visitor.  No one.  Weird.  I just decided to ignore (?) it, even though it didn't make much sense. 

Later that night I decided to take another break from studying.  I went into my friends' room to chill out for a while.  My friend, K, said, "did you hear about the Duquesne kid who died in a drunk driving accident last night?"  I said something along the lines of "no- tragic."  She went to his computer and pulled up his facebook page which was open access to anyone.  There was the dark haired guy with a grey hoodie, hood up, in his profile picture.  The EXACT guy that came out of the elevator.

I called my mom and told her.  We prayed a lot that night.



  1. Alright...

    I have the goose bumps.


    Thanks for the sharing!

  2. That would totally freak me out!

    So, are you from the 'burgh? I lived there for the majority of my life, though I'm away from the cold now.

  3. Dude that's creepy. I would have been a little freaked out. Although, if I had died, school would be the last place I'd choose to haunt. :)

  4. WOW!!! That's so scary!! I believe in ghosts. I can imagine you trying to sleep that nigh.

  5. That is FREAKY! I don't think I would have been able to stay in that dorm anymore. 8/

  6. :O that's scary, especially fr you to see 'him/it' yourself... :|

    I'd be sooo freaked out.

  7. Eeek! I knew that no good came from studying.

  8. OMG. I have goosebumps just from reading this. I can't even IMAGINE how freaked out you must have been! I am all for a good haunting story, but that is just WAY creepy.

    And now I'm laughing at Nancy's comment which is making me feel a little better.

    PS. One time I tried to do a jump split like that on a trampoline. Mine looked nothing like that either.