Friday, January 15, 2010

What do I get for keeping my Binge Thursdays to a Minimum?

Food poisoning.  Moral of the story:  I should've binged.  I'm not sure how that is a moral or if this was a story.
Really?  Who doesn't binge 4 days before they start p90x?  Me.  Which is why I'll be a food and drink induced mess this weekend.  maybe.  

self control=food poisoning.  His puppet is clearly sick.


  1. What do you get when you binge while on P90X?? Because I can't imagine that would end well, either...

  2. actually kiera, mike is pretty darn full following the p90x nutrition guide. he pretty much always feels satisfied because the meals really don't cut down on calories, just better ones for you that don't store up fat. he used to binge on junk food after he got home from work b/c he was always so hungry but now he feels eat something like every 3 hours. you might be surprised at how well your appetite is appeased so get psyched up!

  3. Don't know what P9ox is, and am too lazy to google it. Good luck, though!

  4. Yes. That puppet definitely has food poisoning. I am digging the puppetmaster's sweet 80's style headband.

    I admire your self control though. :)

  5. nwright is right! I don't ever feel hungry! This is your last weekend... live it up. I'd go out to eat at your fav places and eat some candy while you can. No room for that crap in the diet! Remember it's only 90 days of the diet, you can do it! One day at a time. After the 90 days I plan on still eating healthy during the week, but I might splurge a little during the weekend. A little! I'm also going to continue to workout some too. Got to maintain it, don't want all my hard work during this 90 days to just go to waste! :)Have a good weekend!