Monday, January 25, 2010

This Week is Incredible Week, No Matter How Terrible Your Week Actually Is.

Ladies and gents, Welcome to Incredible Week! This week will be solely, SOLELY dedicated to all things Incredible. Mr Incredible, that is. There will be a series of guest bloggers until Mr. Incredible reads slash follows for the week, blogging about all of his favorite things.  Goal: Some attention.

I am proud and honored to introduce to you Surferwife slash Triathletewife.  She is not used to hearing the words "honored" or "thank you" so go over there and give her some lovin'.  Lots of lovin':

  1. Why did you begin to blog?  I started my blog sometime in mid 2008 and I did it as a way to keep in touch with friends and family.  I also did it as a personal journal and timeline for myself because I am awful about writing things down in real life.  Baby books?  Yeah.  Pretty much a lost cause.
  2. Did you have any expectations that your husband would read your blog?  Ummm.  It wasn't really an issue when I first started out.  It was intended for me to let others know what was happening in the Surfer Household.  So, no.  No expectations in the beginning.
  3. And does he read your blog?  When I remind him and/or beg him to.  Which is like every third entry.
  4. How do you feel about that? Pretty much like crap.  I would think he might actually be interested in what I have to say via written word.  But he reminds me that 'he lives it and doesn't need to read it.'  Whatevs.  When I'm gone 50 years from now (we both know he will live longer than me), he will be feverishly reading what I wrote and kicking his own shins for not doing it when I was alive.
  5. Tell us about this Triathalon!  Inspire us.  Hubby started doing triathlon in 2006.  And I happily cheered him on from the sidelines with a Starbucks in hand.  People would ask me if I was going to do one and I would scoff in their face.  SurferWife prefers to look cute from the sidelines.  Eventually, he was super fit and I was not.  With the deadly combination of vanity and competition flowing through my veins, I told myself I could do this swim, bike, run crap and haven't looked back.  Now I feel all athletic and strong and can totally hold my own in a barfight.  I have a triathlon training blog, too.
  6. What is your favorite sport?  NFL football.  I am that girl who can sit down on a Sunday and not move my butt all day so I can watch the games.  And we have Sunday Ticket so we can watch EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.  Pretty sure this is why my husband married me.  Also pretty sure most girls would call me a traitor to the Vagine Regime but I can't help it.  And my son likes me better for my football knowledge.  Any way I can get his brownie points, you know?
  7. Did your husband train you to like it, or did you like it before you tied the knot?  My husband doesn't 'train me' to like shit.  I take that back.  He has nutured my like for ice hockey.  I wasn't a fan before he clued me in, but I am an easy sell when it comes to sports.  And beer drinking.  Again.  This is why I got the rock on my finger.  But yeah, the only 'training' my husband does with me is triathlon training.
  8. What is your favorite sport memory?  (remember, these questions are for Mr Incredible, not me)  Easy.  When the Chargers and Saints went to Superbowl 44, errr.  Oh wait.  Yeah, the Chargers blew that dream out of the water.  Again.  Go Saints!  San Diego still loves you, Drew Brees.  You get your ring and hurt P. Manning.  And tell him 'to rub some dirt on it, Johnny.'  Who gets that reference?  Anyone, Anyone?    
  9. If there was one alcoholic drink you could choose to always have, what would it be?  (specifically)  Depends where I am.  Sports bar watching a game?  I want a Blue Moon beer on tap.  On a tropical vacay?  A Mojito, hands down.  Out with the girls?  Capt n Coke.  On the round table with Chelsea Handler?  Belvedere Vodka.  


  1. Gee. Reading this back I sorta sound like an A-Hole. Whoopsies.

    Hope Mr. Incredible finds it interesting enough to read.

  2. Well, I say a good way to get him to read is to start putting his sex fantasies on here.

    I mean...

    He'd have to come deny or confirm it, right?

  3. I don't think you sounded like an a-hole Surferwife!

  4. YAY SURFER WIFE! Ummm Monique - You could never sound like an a-hole. This is a great interview!

  5. Monique. You do not sound like an A-hole. You sound sassy, because YOU ARE. :)

  6. Be glad he doesn't. My wife reads mine, then spends the rest of the day bitching about how mean my posts are. I really wish she didn't read it.

    I got your reference to the Movie....
    here's the first part..."Coach, I broke my dick!"

    Go Colts!

  7. i heart surferwoman.

    and i love incredible week!

  8. I'm going to make sure my hubs doesn't read THIS post. I don't want him to be able to confirm that he married the wrong woman. I'm pretty sure he would like a sportyspice girl like Monique better. :D Loved the interview!