Monday, January 11, 2010

There Is, In Fact, a Direct Correlation Between Vaccinations and John the Baptist's Head.

There is little question in my mind of whether or not to get my children vaccinated.  My Grandmother told me a story that made my decision very easy and very clear:

Her Grandfather's son (her uncle that she never knew) contracted diptheria.  Basically what happens is a membrane grows over your throat until you choke to death.  Enough said?  No.  There's more to the story.  This little boy had to be quarantined in his house as to not let the highly contagious disease spread.  His parents had to stay elsewhere to let their son die alone.  Are you convinced yet to get your kids vaccinated?  The father walked by his house one morning to work, and saw his son choking to death.  He burst into his house to save/be with his son when he was dying.  His son died and then the father contracted it and died.

I remember this when I have to bring my babies to get vaccinated.  It takes the edge off my anxiety and reassures me that I am doing the right thing.  But why, why? do they have to bring the shots in on a silver platter?


  1. mmmm....I haven't noticed. I am all for vaccinating the children. I contracted the chicken pox when I was a kid, and I remember getting rashes between my butt cheeks and those itched the most! Mom kept telling me not to scratch, but it was hard.

  2. We are for vaccinating too. I always got my shots and I turned out just fine. ;) That story is pretty eerie.

  3. Tragic. Oh, that poor little boy.

  4. We vaccinate our kids but never notice the silver platter, I have a 4 week old that will be getting vaccination on his 2 month will have to watch for the silver platter.