Sunday, January 31, 2010

Be Awesome Instead. Be Incredible Instead of Awesome. Just Sayin'

Ladies and gents, Welcome to Incredible Week! This week will be solely, SOLELY dedicated to all things Incredible. Mr Incredible, that is. There will be a series of guest bloggers until Mr. Incredible reads slash followsfor the week, blogging about all of his favorite things.  Goal: Some attention

The last and not, not least guest blogger of Incredible is Hutch, from Be Awesome Instead.  Today, she's going to be Incredible instead.  (I know, it's getting old.)  She semi lost me at 5 OT, but I think she's talkin' Mr Inc's language.  Actually, I know she is.  
... Sometimes we visit my mother-in-law in Syracuse...
But in all honesty, she sold me at BEER, BBQ AND SNOW.  Now we're talking.

Wow, first being asked to guest on here by the Awesome Kiera (seriously honored) and then following some of my favorite bloggers, the pressure is on, whew.  Luckily, my love for sports and ability to sit through a 5 OT Big East championship game without losing my voice/sanity, means I can handle pressure...I think (just popped open a Dos Equis to calm my nerves).

Similar to Surferwife, my first love is, and always will be, the NFL.  I grew up on it.  Sundays in the fall weren't about church, they were about praying for the Niners.  I even got to stand near the endzone before performing at halftime (high school dance thing), when Jerry Rice caught a touchdown, landing at my feet.  Jerry freaking Rice. He also broke one of his many records with that catch.  Yea...awesome!  However, my goal here is to combine 3 of Mr. Incredible's favorite things.  Sports. Beer. Syracuse.

I just so happen to have attended the right school to know all about each, and trust me, they are best when combined.  Consistently ranked as #1ish in the nation in terms of snowfall, the options for what to do, during the 9 straight months of all snow and no sun, are limited.  Fortunately, we had BEER and we had Syracuse Basketball! 

Possibly the best weekend of my life, started out on Friday, April 4th, 2003.  This also happened to be my 22nd birthday, and the day before the Final Four game of Cuse vs. Texas.  If anyone is not aware, the number 44 at Syracuse is a big deal, HUGE actually. I was turning 22 on 4/4.  22 is 1/2 of 44.  The Final Four started the next day.  Are you with me? (Hey, at least I didn't say four has 4 letters!)

The weekend went as follows:

Friday, April 4th - BEER-B-Que in the snow for the birthday, my roommates were awesome like that.  Yes, the girls manned the que while the guys were inside where it was warm and dry (lame).

Saturday, April 5th - Rally by drinking excessive amounts of BEER during the Cuse Final Four game (of course they won, numbers don't lie), stumbling down to the guys house after to celebrate.

Sunday, April 6th - I honestly don't remember, but guessing it had something to do with BEER.

Then comes Monday.  Technically, Monday is not part of the weekend, but in college what day isn't the weekend?  I'm not the only one who planned their class schedule around the bar specials.  Right?

Monday, April 7th - To backtrack a bit,  the roommates and I weren't exactly social drinkers, meaning we needed an activity.  At the bars, we took cards or introduced newbies to 7-11-doubles (the dice game, we're evil).  Before any sporting event, we pre-gamed with Power Hour or Beirut.  So of course we needed to do something during the game.  Why not go shot for shot with a player of our choice?  Done.  Using BEER we each took a shot every time our player did, I chose Hakim Warrick (I seriously miss watching him dunk on the big guys), and we all drank with Carmelo.  Why?  Because we're awesome!   The night was filled with shouting, singing to picture frames of boyfriends studying abroad, and maybe a loss of some clothes. 

In the end, Cuse won, thanks to my man Warrick, and the rioting began!  Unless you've experienced it, I don't know if I can do justice to the true euphoria that comes from drunkenly watching your school win a national championship during the best post-season that exists in any sport.  Superbowls?  They come and go.  5 is enough for me at the moment.  World Series?  Eh.  NCAA Men's BB Championship? Um, Yeah!

The Warrick block, along with the image of Kansas students crying, will forever be imprinted in my Happy Place memory bank.

**This post was sponsored by Labbat Blue, thank you for helping me create so many lasting memories in SiberaCuse.**


  1. Hey, that's me! :) Thanks so much for having me on here, this was fun!

  2. Beer, BBQ and basketball, that sounds great! If these posts dont' get Mr. Incredible to read, nothing will. So just start slandering him on your blog with ridiculous lies and tell him the only way you'll stop is if he becomes a regular reader. :)

  3. WOW! That sounded like an AWESOME time!!! Those drinking games sound fun! After she said shot for shot, I couldn't help but think of that song Shots by LMFAO. :)

  4. Hutch, you and I would get along just fine at a sporting event....

  5. Sounds just like college, makes me miss it just a little. I actually don't think I could do that anymore. You would find me passed out under a bush or puking in someones bedroom. Ewww. The BBQ part has my mouth watering and it's only 9:15 in the morning...I couldn totally chow down on some right now. As for the basket ball...not a fan, sorry.

  6. This makes me wish I had gone to a college that had decent team sports. I think maybe we were good at lacrosse, but that's not really one of those things that people riot over.