Sunday, January 3, 2010

why. Why. WHY

Blow up lawn decorations, friends, are a CRYING SHAME.  Our neighbors have a blow up for every occasion.  This is serious.  Especially since we are on just this side of town borders.  Right now they have a New Year Baby.  Before that was Santa, before that was Turkey, before that was Skulls, before that was Birthday cake.  They also have a life size stuffed dog that they keep on their lawn.  I'm guessing it is their (failing) attempt to conquer geese.          
My other neighbor has an awesome garden.  All year long.  Right now, popping out through the snow and 10 degree weather, she has tulips popping up out of the ground.  No lie.  I'm partially baffled but not really because I have a black thumb.  An awesome gardener is an awesome gardener, right?  WRONG GERTIE, WRONG.  (I changed her name for my protection so no one can really find where I live by searching my next door neighbor's name privacy reasons.)  Over the summer she told me she would be away for week.  I responded as a good neighbor would do and told her I would be happy to collect her mail or water her garden for her.  She told me "No, I don't do anything to my garden."  ???  are you serious.  Well, you'd better believe when she was away I did some research of my own.  Fake flowers.  Fake.  Flowers.        
Rise above.    From someone who knows nothing about decorating, do something like this instead.           


  1. I have fake flowers inside the house. I tried real plants but they kept dying because I kept forgetting to water them.

  2. whoa whoa whoa~! fake flowers in the house are totally acceptable! Sticking in the ground is what confuses me!

  3. I couldnt agree with you more!!!