Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm 14,000 times overjoyed.  But in all reality, it probably boils down to the excessive amounts of caffeine in me.  My BFFFFFFFFF in reality and virtual reality started a blog.  Friends, she is my BESTFRIEND4EVA.  I've been trying to get her to blog since I began blogging.  She's stubborn as an ass and likes things on her own terms, so 1.5 year later here she is.

And people, this is the start of something good.  Not only is it a buzz in itself, I am a new blogger and we are going to conquer blogger one post at a time.  Starting with  ahem.  Anyway.  You really ought to go follower her.  She's desperate.  Yes she's desperate.  Words that she wouldn't dare say, but I'll most def say for her.  Stay tuned.  And go check out my better third (Mr Incredible could not be excluded from that.  But there's nothing weird going on, either.)

strangely we have next to no pictures together.  she has really fast blink reflexes.

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