Monday, November 22, 2010

New blog

I'm sure if I add anymore blogs to your reading list you'll need some major saline solution or a travel time machine.  Maybe you'll just need some FreshLook Contacts in case you work your eyes to the nub.  (Although a friend's experience tell me to only soak contacts in a sterile saline solution for contacts- or else you'll do your eyes more harm than good.)  TANGENT.

But have you heard?  I've started a new blog with a bad idea.  90 sans alcohol.  As suggested, and as strong as it sounds, maybe, um, recommended to me.  You'll have to go read it to know what I'm talking about, because I'm not going to label myself with a "drinking problem" on two blogs.  That's too much for my fragile self. 

Speaking of fragile self, I am sick like whooooaaaa today.  Sick as in if I told you anything about it I would be giving you TMI.  But I think it's probably the flu (hopefully 24 hours seeing as though I haven't ralphed in 5 hours.)  Little triumphs, here, little triumphs.  


  1. 1. Do you mean 90 DAYS sans alcohol?
    2. How can I read it if i don't know where to find it?
    3. Going on the wagon is overrated. Been there, done that. Several times. Most notably one year ago Thursday after a pre-Thanksgiving bender.

    -anoynomous cuz

  2. oh anonymous cuz, click on the last line "but at least we all know it's not a hangover I'm nursing" and yes, 90 DAYS.