Sunday, November 28, 2010

There's a Ned in all of Us

Ned: Do we know 'im?  Do we love 'im?  Yes and Yes.  As a matter of fact, I'm A Ned.  There is one in every functioning relationship.  Keep your eye out for this.  There is always a negative emotional person, and then there is the better half, and yes I said BETTER half that is realistic, level headed, easy going.  And all of these qualities will end up infuriating Ned.  WHAT do you you think you're BETTER than ME!?

These past 4 or so days have been particularly tough ones.  I've been overly negative emotional, hyper sensitive, hyper critical.  Pretty much verbally abusive, and when Mr Incredible rubs my back and says, "sweetie, you're doing great!  You're gonna get through this, it's just a rough patch" I roll my eyes and tell him I'm fat.  Because that is what I KNOW will get me a negative emotional response.  Works like a charm.

Let's take, for instance, giving the baby medicine.  Mr Incredible suggested I should because she was feverish and cranky.  You would've thought that he asked me to lug the tv from the basement and hook it up to the computer from the DVI to the HDMI cable.  I moaned and groaned so afraid that for SOME reason me giving her medicine was going to work out.  "Why don't YOU do it?  It's your first day off in 6 weeks and all YOU'RE doing is sitting watching football."  And when he replied, "sweetie, I just went out and bought the medicine, and actually I'm working on my homework" all I heard was "oh, baby, it's just the Opt-World HDMI cable you'll have to use to hook it up.  You can do it!"

So I pulled myself up by my boot straps, and I did it.  I gave the baby Tylenol.  And it spilled all down the front of her, on the floor, on my Dry Clean Only sweater.  I lost it.  I threw the teaspoon and exclaimed that it was HIS fault, damnit.  Why did he buy the RED STUFF?????  MY Baby only likes the PINK STUFF!!!  He calmly replied, "well, next time we'll have to use the dropper."  In other words, the HDMI switcher, ya know.  I started having a mild anxiety attack.  And then baby fell asleep.  And once again, I realized it was all alright.  Everything's okay.  It always is.  But the prospect of what COULD happen is always looming.  Always in front of my face.  It's the Irish in me.


  1. michael is definitely my ned. except with a little bit of the italian emotion and type a personality behind it. makes for quite the interesting pair, actually.

  2. I'm guilty of being a Ned too much, but I have gotten better about keeping those Neddish thoughts inside and not spilling them.