Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scrub my Hub. ewww as in clothe him.

Remember how I said that most of my family is in the medical profession?  Yes, let's talk about that.

Unlike most/some people, I have no fear or dread of the hospital, dentist offices, nursing homes.  As mentioned in my previous post, I lovvee them.  Mostly because I've never been traumatized by any of the above (knock on woooooood) but also because I was exposed to these things all the time.  The biggest and probably only problem I've had with my experience with the nursing profession is that no one (Mom, Dad or Sister) let me ever have any say in what scrubs they wore.  Always modest, always blue.  I'm talking to you, too, Mr Incredible.  If I was a nurse, no matter what the establishment (because i do what i wunt) I'd totally be sportin hot pink scrubs.

get this man some SCRUBS!
I remember going into this medical uniform retail with my mom when I was little.  Oh!  The Looney Tunes and the Barbie and the Valentine's Day scrubs.  And my mom bought white.  Probably because her patients- people like that morbidly obese man who kept his gun on top of the donut box, or the woman who claimed that her leg felt "wiggly" when my mom later realized she had maggots crawling in her leg wound- would not've so much appreciated dinosaurs with band-aids.

So here we are, Mr Incredible approaching the end to his nursing school.  I'm waiting, just wondering, even though I know, that he, too, will never ever wear character scrubs.  And I'm starting to appreciate that a little more everyday.  Because who really trusts a man wearing mens' nursing scrubs with designs on them, anyway?  Then again, I don't trust too many men that wear white sneakers, either.  ;)


  1. oh please, don't EVER let mr. incredible wear looney toon scrubs, or barbie ones for that matter! those are always so cheesy looking too, but maybe little kiera, back in the 90s, thought that would be cool...and hey, back then, they probably were ;)

  2. It would be better to let mr. incredible wear black scrubs, pink would not be a good compliment to him. looney toons? never mind. :)