Saturday, November 20, 2010


I need some major help. I need you to dish on CARS! Mr Incredible says things like "soooo have you looked into what car you want to buy yet?" Um no Mr Incredible. I crumble under pressure like that. I can tell you the cars I won't be getting: A jetta (yes I'm talking to YOU mr-incredible-tiny-car-that-I-fall-into), A Toyota Camry (the reviews say niet oh and i need a 7seat min), A 16 passenger van.

And all of those conclusions lead me no where. All of those decisions made me realize I should've brought the car into the auto repair as soon as I saw the bleepin check engine light instead of waiting until the car started shaking at a red light 45 minutes away from home.

Let's do what I do best. If I don't know the solution I procrastinate!: (I know I've already posted this)


  1. Ha! I have a Jetta but I understand that you wouldn't want one since they are not exactly family friendly. I think you mentioned you wanted a Traverse? I had one as a rental for a week and I fell in love. So easy to drive and I think was voted #1 on some kind of consumer report? My sister has an Odyssey and loves it, she has 3 kids and it is perfect for lugging them all around and to me, it is not the typical mini van. My next car is actually going to be a Murano, I love them and can't wait to get out of my match box Jetta! Good luck with whatever you decide.

  2. we have researched and researched vans when we were about to lease one. the safest vans out there are the odyssey and sienna. the odyssey is a tad bit smaller tho. if you need to fit at least 7, with car seats, don't do the bucket seats. get 2 rows of benches. we will be leasing a sienna this june when the caravan is up (which is a piece of junk!) because we rented one while in florida this year and with 2 rows of benches, we could fit 8 people in it, even with the enormous car seats! in our caravan, even tho we have 3 seats in the back, the car seats each took up a seat and a half. sucks! the sienna should get us through those 3 years of leasing and then we might just have to, YIKES, buy a conversion van. i know, THE SHAME!!! the sienna is a super smooth ride too. mike's dad knows the owner of west herr so if you need a hook-up, let me know ;)

  3. Those Sienna commercials crack me the hell up. I think you should buy a Sienna just because the commercials are so funny!

  4. that commercial always cracks me up, almost makes me want to start a family... ALMOST! i say get the van.